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Matt Tucker
Matt Tucker (right) onstage in Inspecting Carol
Born (1976-10-05) October 5, 1976 (age 38)
Dundee, Scotland, UK
Occupation actor

Matthew Berton Castillo Tucker (born October 5, 1976) is an American filmmaker, primarily an actor and screenwriter, as well as a director and producer. He is co-founder of the production company Playhouse Films and is credited as a producer on the upcoming movie The 1 Second Film (2007).


Tucker was born in Dundee, Scotland to Michael Tucker, a petty officer in the US Navy at the time who was born in Leavenworth, Washington and grew up in Bremerton, Washington and Catherine Castillo who was born in Long Beach, California and raised in the Los Angeles area. He has one brother, Marcus, born in Montrose, Scotland in April 1978.

The family moved back to the United States in 1979. Tucker graduated from Bremerton High School in 1994. He spent two years at Olympic College studying under the Video and Theater Arts program. He left that school in 1996 without a degree.

It was during his time at Bremerton High School that Tucker got back into theater in a big way. This carried over into his time spent in college and eventually into roles in local community theater. In 2003, he expanded his acting base to roles in Seattle. In 2006, he took on a role in Tacoma.

Tucker has performed as a stage actor throughout the metropolitan Puget Sound, Washington (Seattle-Tacoma-Bremerton) area since 1994. His variety of roles includes Brother Asher in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat; the young lover Demetrius in A Midsummer Night's Dream; the title role of Conrad Birdie in Bye Bye Birdie; the aging hippie Larry Vauxhall and subsequent play-within-a-play's Scrooge in Inspecting Carol; poker buddy Speed in The Odd Couple; the cynical Serge in Art; and the procreation-impaired Nick in the musical Baby. His most recent stage role was as an exaggerated version of himself in multiple roles in a production of the Reduced Shakespeare Company's Complete History of America (abridged) at the Tacoma Little Theater in January 2006. His favorite stage roles have been as Serge in Art and the three-character supporting roles of Tom, Phyllis and Leslie in A.R. Gurney's Sylvia.

His film and television work includes voicework for animation projects and an appearance in the 100th episode of American television series Frasier, which was filmed on location in Seattle.

As a screenwriter he has written two unproduced feature-length screenplays: Raining in Baltimore, the story of unrequited love between two actors at a small community college when their lives and ambitions pull them in opposite directions; and Green Lantern, a live-action feature film adaptation of the DC Comics superhero which was looked at and rejected by Warner Bros. in 2004.

He has also written a number of unproduced short film scripts, including Tech Support, a 15-minute comedic snapshot of life at a computer store; and The Groomsmen, a short treatise on a group of men who form a business as professional groomsmen. His single produced work to date is the one hour short dramedy The Apartment (1998), Playhouse Films' first production.

In 1995, Tucker and his best friend and partner J.R. Bachand created Playhouse Studios, the banner under which they were going to create and film their projects. The name was taken from a nickname given their house by college theater colleagues. Their first project was to be a film called Just Friends, the story of a group of five friends whose other friend – their glue – leaves town, leaving them to wonder just how strong their bonds are with one another. The screenplay never really jelled but Tucker and Bachand liked the relationship between two of the guys that formed the bulk of the first act. This was eventually rewritten as the short The Apartment (1998). They eventually changed the name to Playhouse Films.

Tucker is currently at work on the feature-length screenplay Hawkeye: The Fifth Partition, an adaptation of the Marvel Comics hero. He is also in pre-production on Home Game, the next production from Playhouse Films which is anticipated to debut on the festival circuit in 2007.

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