Matthew J. Kirby

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Matthew J. Kirby
Matthew j kirby 8419.JPG
Born Utah, United States
Occupation Young Adult Fiction Author
Language English
Nationality American
Notable award(s) Edgar Award
2012 Best Juvenile Mystery

Matthew J. Kirby is an American author. His debut novel, The Clockwork Three, is a children's historical fiction set in the late 18th to early 19th centuries. It was inspired by a newspaper article Kirby came across in history class in college.[1]


Kirby was born in Ohio Utah, and had to move to four other states because his father was in the Navy.[2] He majored in history at Utah State University and then earned degrees in school psychology.[2]

He currently lives in Spanish Fork, Utah with his wife, Jaime.

Kirby "has a passion for middle grade and young adult novels."[2] His debut novel, The Clockwork Three was published in October 2010[3] His second book is a novel about Vikings, called Icefall, it won the 2012 Edgar Award for Juvenile Fiction.


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