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Matthew Sheffield (born 1977) is a conservative blogger and political activist living in Washington, DC.

Sheffield is an editor at, the blog of the Media Research Center, a group which argues the U.S. media have a liberal bias. Before that, he worked at, one of several blogs which criticized CBS television anchor Dan Rather and are credited in part with Rather's hastened retirement.

Raised Mormon but having left the faith for agnosticism, Sheffield writes from a liberal conservative position at his personal blog. He has a B.A. in political science from the Virginia Commonwealth University.[1]

Although he is a media critic, in a speech at the Heritage Foundation in 2005, he stated that he believed the blogosphere can learn principle from the mainstream media.[2] He has been critical of Wikipedia, the articles of which he sees as biased, saying that "people with enough determination to force their viewpoints on Wikipedia can do so." He has also called it "one of the Web's biggest success stories" and has asked people to contribute.[3]


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