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Matthias Wagner (or Matze) is a German programmer who has created utilities for games made by Westwood Studios, Electronic Arts and Petroglyph.

Westwood Studios[edit]


FinalSun is an advanced map editor for Tiberian Sun.


FinalAlert is a map editor for Red Alert 2 that went through numerous revisions. First came FinalAlert, developed independently by Wagner. It was later replaced by FinalAlert 2, a collaboration between Wagner and Westwood Studios, which was in turn upgraded to FinalAlert 2 Yuri's Revenge to allow support for Yuri's Revenge - this version was still an official utility. Wagner later released a tweaked version which had some bug fixes and included tunnels - leftover code from Tiberian Sun - although this version was no longer classed as an official Westwood utility.

Electronic Arts[edit]


FinalBIG is a utility for the modification of BIG files used by Command & Conquer: Generals and BFME.


FinalBIG for Empire at War[edit]

This version of FinalBIG now includes support for MEG files used by Empire at War.

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