Matthieu Hartley

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Matthieu Hartley
Born (1960-02-04) 4 February 1960 (age 54)
Origin Smallfield, England
Genres Punk rock, post-punk, gothic rock, alternative rock
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Keyboard
Years active 1979–1983
Associated acts Lockjaw (1977–1978)
The Magazine Spies (1978–1979)
The Cure (1979–1980)
Fools Dance (1983)

Matthieu Hartley (born 4 February 1960) is an English musician born in Smallfield, England. He was the original keyboardist for The Cure, but before that he and Simon Gallup were involved in two other bands called Lockjaw and The Magspies (aka The Magazine Spies).

Involvement in The Cure[edit]

When Hartley and Gallup first joined The Cure, they helped drive the band in an entirely new direction with the recording of their second album, Seventeen Seconds, a much darker album than their debut, Three Imaginary Boys. Hartley also served as one of the keyboard players for the Cult Hero project. After a lengthy world tour to support Seventeen Seconds, he quit the band due to a difference of opinion with the other three members. Since leaving The Cure, he has played with different local bands, including Fools Dance in their early stages, as well as many newer small bands in Brighton including The Icicle Thieves. He has worked at a zoo and as a labourer. He still keeps in touch with Robert Smith.


  • Throughout most of the band's history, Hartley was the only dedicated keyboardist actually credited for singlehandedly playing all keyboard tracks on a Cure album. Since his departure, almost every other album has either had Robert Smith on keyboard (in addition to some other instruments) or at least three members credited for playing keyboards. The only other keyboardist credited for singlehandedly playing all keyboard tracks was Roger O'Donnell on Wild Mood Swings and the band's self-titled album. (See The Cure discography)

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