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Mattoon High School is located in Coles County, Mattoon, Illinois, USA.

The School's Colors are Green and Gold. The school mascot is the fighting Green Wave, which represents the waves of corn in the fields surrounding the community of Mattoon. Other school activities include band, choir, art, and yearbook and JROTC.


Mattoon has no state championships in any sport as of 2014. Mattoon is part of the Apollo Conference along with Charleston, Paris, Salem, Effingham, Mt.Zion, and Taylorville. Football went to the Final Four in 1974 and 2003, Softball finished in Second Place in 2008 and Fourth Place in 2012,and Baseball finished in Fourth Place in 1998. The high school participates in sports such as football, boys and girls basketball, soccer, track, and cross country, volleyball, wrestling, softball, baseball, cheerleading, and dance.


Since the hiring of Principal Michele Sinclair, it has been suspected that girls that attend the school have been subjected to tougher standards than males. Some of these include tougher dress codes for females that cover bras, panties, thongs, skirts, shirts, and jewelry. Males are only subjected to dress codes on underwear, while females are subjected to many more standards. Several graduates of the school have reported seeing staff physically correct a female dress code violation. For example, a graduate stated seeing a female teacher physically grab a female students panties, and show them to a classroom of students as "punishment" for her dress code violation.

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