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Not to be confused with YouTube rapper MattyB.
Matty B
Birth name Matthew Barrett
Origin Perth, Western Australia
Genres Hip hop
Years active 1999–
Labels Obese
B-Style Entertainment/Shogun Distribution

Matthew Barrett, also known by the stage name Matty B, is a former Australian rapper, now employed as a miner in Western Australia's mining industry.[1]


Matthew Barrett grew up in Western Australia[2] and was a member of Perth's Syllaboliks hip hop crew. A former pro surfer,[3] Barrett only began rapping seriously when Syllaboliks came together in 1999.[4][5] Formerly signed to Obese Records, he later released music on his own label, B-Style Entertainment.[4]

Barrett's first track to be released was "Courageous", appearing on the Culture of Kings compilation in 2000. This was followed in 2002 by his debut album, The Courageous LP.[6] A song from that album, "Fridays", appears on Triple J's 2005 album Super Request—Dog's Breakfast, a compilation of frequently requested songs from Triple J's Super Request program.[3]

In 2001 he performed at the Margaret River Masters Concert. In 2002 he performed at the Big Day Out concerts.[7]

Barrett relocated to the Gold Coast[4] and released an EP, Simple but Effective, in 2006 on his own label, B-Style Entertainment.[8]



  • The Courageous LP – Obese Records (2002)

Singles and EPs

Compilation appearances

  • Culture of Kings — Volume 1 – Obese Records (2000) (song: "Courageous")
  • Mamma's Kitchen – Obese Records (2005) (song: "Courageous")
  • Super Request—Dog's Breakfast – ABC Records (2005) (song: "Fridays")

Guest appearances

  • "3 Demon MC's" by Clandestein (Clandestein 2001, Syllaboliks Records)
  • "Matty B's Insight" by Downsyde (Epinonimous 2001, Syllaboliks Records)
  • "Esposing EM" by Hunter and Dazastah (Done DL 2002, Syllaboliks/Obese Records)
  • "Raw Cause" by DJ Ransom (15.OZ Vinyl 2004, Crookneck Records)
  • "Nothin to Us" by Chopper Read (Chopper Read – Interview with a Madman 2006, Rott'n Records)


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