Matvei Bashkin

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Matvei Bashkin (Башкин, Матвей Семёнович) was a Russian boyar's son in the time of Ivan the Terrible charged with heresy for denial of the doctrine of the Trinity along with abbot Artemy the former abbot of Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery. In 1553 he organised a circle of gentry in Moscow and began to teach against the Orthodox Church.[1][2] He was beaten and sentenced to imprisonment in the Joseph-Volokolamsk Monastery where he died.


  1. ^ The Russian Orthodox Church А. А. Преображенский - 1988 Ivan III did not consent to condemn the heretics to death; they were excommunicated, some were secluded in remote ... Around 1553, Matvey Bashkin organised a circle of the gentry in Moscow. Bashkin came from a family of petty boyars who
  2. ^ The West in Russia and China: Russia, 1472-1917 - Page 40 Donald W. Treadgold - 1973 "Bashkin, who came from a family of junior boyars (deti boiarskie), by 1550 occupied a service estate (pomestie) in Borovsk. "