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For the municipality in Brazil, see Mauá. For the plant, see Xylosma hawaiiense.

Maua is a town in the Eastern Province of Kenya. It is the capital of Meru North District (also known as Nyambene district).

A view of Maua

Maua hosts a municipal council and headquarters Igembe Central, one of 15 administrative divisions in the district.

Maua municipality has a population of 40,820, of whom 9,763 are classified as urban [1].

Maua is located 60km North of Meru Town on the northwestern slopes of Nyambene Hills and west of Meru National Park. Meru. Maua town is the center of the Khat trade in Kenya.[citation needed] Unusual for a town its size Maua has a wide mix of ethnicities.

Coordinates: 0°14′N 37°56′E / 0.233°N 37.933°E / 0.233; 37.933