Maurice-Tièche Comprehensive School

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Maurice-Tièche Comprehensive School
L’Ensemble Scolaire Maurice-Tièche
Maurice Tieche logo.jpg
545 chemin de Bottecreux
74165 Collonges-sous-Salève
BP 74
School type Private, Co-educational, Boarding school
Denomination Seventh-day Adventist
Established 1936
Founder Maurice Tièche
Chairperson Richard Lehmann
Principal Laurent Hernicot
Teaching staff 23
Gender Mixed
Age 2 to 18
Average class size 20 students
Language French
Sports Mountain Sports
Accreditation Adventist Accrediting Association[1]
School fees Years 7 to 10 - €867 (term)
Years 11 to 13 - €1024 (term)
Séries L 95%
Séries S 77%
Maurice Tieche.jpg

L’Ensemble Scolaire Maurice-Tièche or Maurice Tièche Comprehensive School is a K-13 co-educational, Christian private school owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the region Collonges-sous-Salève of France. It teaches pupils of primary, junior high and senior high school age. The school also has a nursery school offering care to 2 year-olds.


The Maurice-Tièche primary school was founded in 1936 by Maurice Tièche, a graduate from the historic University of Paris (commonly referred to as La Sorbonne). In October 1946, the first year 7 (6ème) class was opened. In October 1948, the rest of the junior high school was opened and the school was renamed Le Cours Complémentaire du Séminaire Adventiste.[2] In 1953, the junior high school became a secondary school under the name le Cours Secondaire. Over 100 pupils were enrolled at that time.[2] In 1973, the secondary school adopted the name Cours Privé Maurice Tièche, then some years later, it became Lycée Privé Maurice Tièche.

The primary and secondary schools merged into a combined school in 2003 which is now known as Ensemble Scolaire Maurice Tièche.[2]


Pupils at the school have access to Bibliothèque Alfred Vaucher (Alfred Vaucher Library) which it shares with the Saleve Adventist University.[3]

The Section Etudes et Sports de Montagne (Studies and Mountain Sports section) of the school allows pupils to combine their high school studies and their passion for mountain sports.[4] Preparatory classes start at year 9 but it is possible for students to take up the cycle in senior high school.


The school has three Baccalauréat général streams in which students can specialise in:

  • S Scientifique (sciences)
  • ES Sciences économiques et sociales (economics and social sciences)
  • L littéraire (literature)

Since 2002, the pass rate for the Baccalauréat scientifique (Sciences) stream has been around 77% while in the littéraire (literature) stream, is around 95%.[5]

The students in première (Year 12) and terminale (Year 13) are generally in classes of 12 in each of their respective streams. In certain subjects such as French where the programme is joint, students come together to form classes of a maximum of 24 students. This allows teachers to track individual students and address many of their questions.[5]

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