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Maurice Beddow Bayly MRCS, LRCP (died 1962) was an English physician, anti-vivisection activist, and anti-vaccination campaigner. He was a member of the National Anti-Vaccination League, the Animal Defence and Anti-Vivisection Society, and the English section of the Theosophical Society.[1]


  • 1952. B.C.G. Vaccination
  • Clinical Medical Discoveries
  • The Story of the Salk Anti-Poliomyelitis Vaccine
  • The Schick Inoculation Against Diphtheria
  • The Case AGAINST Vaccination
  • Spotlights on Vivisection
  • Cancer the Failure of Modern Research A Survey
  • More Spotlights on Vivisection
  • Diet in Relation to Health and Disease
  • The Futility of Experiments on Living Animals
  • Diet in Relation to Health and Disease
  • The taxpayer and experiments on living animals: With special reference to the work of the Medical Research Council


  • In a universe which embraces all types of life and consciousness and all material forms through which these manifest, nothing which is ethically wrong can ever be scientifically right; an integrated cosmos of spirit and matter one law must pervade all levels and all planes. This is the basic principle upon which the whole case against vivisection rests. Cicero summed it up in the four words: "No cruelty is useful". M. Beddow Bayly [2]

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