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Portrait of Maurice Blacburn in 1942.

Maurice Blackburn, formerly Maurice Blackburn & Co, was founded in 1919 by Maurice Blackburn.[1] He was a distinguished lawyer and a Labor member of the Victorian and Federal Parliaments. Maurice Blackburn acts for people who have been injured or allegedly badly treated through the actions or inactions of others. The firm specialises in cases involving workplace injury, medical negligence, road accidents injuries and asbestos. Throughout the firms history it has acted for injured people in many high profile and significant matters. For example, one of its predecessor firms was actively involved in internationally significant actions over the Dow breast implants and the Copper 7 intrauterine device The firm has acted in class actions for groups, individuals, shareholders and businesses who had suffered loss due to illegal corporate behaviour. The firm recently represented gas consumers in the major class action against Esso following the 1998 Longford gas plant explosion and two-week loss of Victoria's gas supply. It also represented GIO shareholders in a landmark case action involving corporate governance issues. As one of Australia's leading labour law firms it has acted in many high profile disputes, including acting for the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) in its 1998 landmark dispute against Patrick Stevedores.
In early 2006, Maurice Blackburn Commercial was established with the aim of providing for the commercial needs of clients in the union and corporate sectors.[citation needed]

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