Mauricio Ochmann

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Mauricio Ochmann
Born Mauricio Ochmann Siordia
(1977-11-16) November 16, 1977 (age 36)
Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico
Occupation Actor

Mauricio Ochmann Siordia (born November 16, 1977) is a Mexican actor best known for his roles in telenovelas. He also appeared in Kevin Costner's film Message in a Bottle, the TV series That's life and Latino Green. He appeared as Fabián Duque in Telemundo's Dame Chocolate. He starred as Victorino Mora in Telemundo's hit Victorinos and was the leading role in the Telemundo novela El Clon.

Life and career[edit]

Mauricio Ochmann is the son of Jewish mother and Armenian father[citation needed] a painter and a businessman; as a child he joined local theater companies. At the age of 16 he participated in the Héctor Suárez TV comedy show La otra cosa for two years. At the age of 19 he moved to Los Angeles, California to study at the Joanne Baron Studio in Santa Monica. After three years of castings he obtained a small role in Message in a Bottle and then in the TV series Latino Green. After the series he was invited to participate in the telenovela La casa en la playa with Televisa, he instead joined TV Azteca in the telenovela Azul Tequila co-starring with Bárbara Mori. After participating in another production of TV Azteca he obtained the starring role in the play Equus[1] for which he received a "Best New Stage Actor" by Mexico's National Association of Theater Critic. After more than 16,000 presentations he returned to Los Angeles to participate in the show That's Life and then back to Mexico to co-star with Lorena Rojas in Como en el Cine (Like in the movies), a very successful telenovela. In 2003, he returned to film with Ladies' Night and in 2004 with 7 mujeres, 1 homosexual y Carlos. The same year he also obtained the role of Benjamin Braddock in the Mexican production of The Graduate. In 2005 he made three films, the last one being Corazón marchito.

In a 2007 interview on a Spanish talk show Ochmann revealed how he was at death's door. He Stated "Fortunately, God took me by the hand and has given me the opportunity to continue ahead." Referring to his month in rehab Ochmann expressed that "I felt as though I had arrived at the house of God, to a safe refuge. To me it was like a re-birth.".[citation needed] In 2013 he will be in the soap opera, Veronica decide morir along with Ana Layevska, in the adaptation of the novel of Paulo Coelho.




  • El Graduado (Mexican production of The Graduate, 2004)
  • Equus (2000) as Alan
  • Sueños de Juventud as Carlos
  • Profanación
  • Medicos a Palos as Bartolome
  • La dama del alba
  • El juicio as Judge
  • Veintidós, Veintidós

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