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Maurie Fields
Born 4 August 1926
Manly, New South Wales.
Died 18 December 1995(1995-12-18) (aged 69)
Melbourne, Australia.
Occupation Comedian, television actor, Vaudevillan.
Spouse(s) Val Jellay (1960–95)
Children Marty Fields

Maurie Fields (4 August 1926 – 18 December 1995) [1] was an Australian actor, vaudeville performer and stand-up comedian. He became a well-known face on television thanks to his dramatic roles as John Quinney in Bellbird, as well as in soap operas The Box, Prisoner (a small part playing "crooked" screw, Len Murphy) and publican Vic Buckley in The Flying Doctors. He was also a regular as Fred Farrell in situation comedy series Bobby Dazzler (1977) and did regular comedy segments on Hey Hey It's Saturday.

Personal life[edit]

Fields was the son of an accountant and married twice. His first wife was Dorothy and they had three children, Lorraine, Eileen and Alan. He then married the actress Val Jellay, who was also his screen wife in The Flying Doctors. They played publicans Vic and Nancy Buckley. He was the father of comedian Marty Fields. He died on 18 December 1995, from a heart attack.

Fields was inducted into the Logie Awards Hall of Fame in 1996. The award was accepted by his widow.

During the first Hey Hey It's Saturday reunion show, Fields was rotocaptured into the set so that he was able to do the "Great Aussie Joke" with his son Marty.

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