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Maverick is a brand of cigarettes made by the Lorillard Tobacco Company of Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. Maverick cigarettes are made in the United States and Austria. They are available in packs of 20. In order to comply with FDA regulations, Lorillard had until June 22, 2010, to rebrand tobacco products marketed as "Lights", "Ultra-Lights", "Medium", "Mild", "Full Flavor", or similar designations to belie the impression that some tobacco products are comparatively safe.


United States[edit]

  • Full Flavor Kings: Soft Pack, Box
  • Full Flavor 100s: Soft Pack, Box
  • Gold Kings: Soft Pack, Box (previously Lights)
  • Gold 100s: Soft Pack, Box (previously Lights)
  • Menthol Kings: Box
  • Menthol 100s: Box
  • Menthol Gold Kings: Box (previously Menthol Lights)
  • Menthol Gold 100s: Box (previously Menthol Lights)
  • Silver 100s: Box


  • Maverick American Blend Kings: Box
  • Maverick American Lights Kings: Box

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Lady Di from The Opie and Anthony Show is a proud smoker of Maverick Menthols.

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