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The MAX Drive is a video game accessory by Datel, maker of the Action Replay, which allows the transferring of saved games between a video game console and a PC. It consists of a USB memory stick, a PC CD-ROM with software, and a disc containing the console software. There are both Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions, as well as versions with varying sizes of memory cards. Saved data exported to the computer appear as normal files, so can be transferred to other users and then back to the PlayStation 2 or Xbox. Other user created content such as GameFace data can likewise be easily transferred.

There was also a version of the MAX Drive for the GameCube console, but this has since been discontinued. Unlike the other two versions, the GameCube version was not a USB stick. Instead, it was similar in design to a normal GameCube memory card, but with a port in the back that accepted an included USB cable.

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