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Max & Ruby
Created by Rosemary Wells
Voices of Billy Rosemberg
(seasons 1–3)
Tyler Stevenson
(season 4–5)
Samantha Morton
(seasons 1–2)
Rebecca Peters
(seasons 3–5)
Julie Lemieux
Kay Hawtrey
Katie Griffin
Country of origin
  • Canada
  • United States
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 78 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Diana Manson
Tina Peel
(seasons 1–3)
Michael Hirsh
Scott Dyer
Vince Commisso
(seasons 3-present)
Steve Jarosz
(seasons 3–5)
Running time 24 minutes
Production company(s) Hurricane Productions
Nelvana (Seasons 1–2)
9 Story Entertainment (Seasons 3–5)
Distributor Nelvana Enterprises (2002-2013)
Paramount Television
Original channel Treehouse TV
Picture format 480i (SDTV) (2002–2010) 1080i (HDTV) (2011–2013)
Original release October 3, 2002 (2002-10-03) – February 11, 2013

Max & Ruby is a 2002 Canadian-American animated series that is aimed at preschoolers.[citation needed] Created by children's book author/illustrator Rosemary Wells and based on the world of her Max and Ruby books, the episodes present stories about Max, a rambunctious and determined preschool-aged rabbit, and his older sister, Ruby, a patient, goal-oriented, sometimes restrictive rabbit.[1] A pilot episode for this series aired in 2001 and the program appeared as a regular series on October 3, 2002. According to Rosemary Wells on the Nick Jr. website, "Max & Ruby celebrates the relationship between Ruby and her younger brother, Max, and the universal nature of sibling relationships."[2]

Rosemary Wells, the author of the children's books the show is based on, says: "We don't see Max and Ruby's parents because I believe that kids resolve their issues and conflicts differently when they're on their own. The television series gives kids a sense about how these two siblings resolve their conflicts in a humorous and entertaining way."[3] For the first season, Jamie Whitney was the director, and the first episodes were mostly written by Kate Barris and Patrick Granleese. While some of the stories were adapted from the books, the number of TV episodes eventually surpassed the number of books written by Wells.[citation needed]

Katie Griffin was the voice of Ruby for season one, Samantha Morton took over the role and was the voice of Ruby until the third season. Billy Rosemberg was the voice of Max until the following season. In Season 3, Rebecca Peters replaced Samantha Morton as the voice of Ruby. In Season 4, Tyler Stevenson replaced Billy Rosemberg as the voice of Max.

A fifth season began December 10, 2011.[4]

The complete series can be found on the Canadian iTunes store. [5]


Each episode consists of three self-contained vignettes. Within each, Ruby is typically engaged in some sort of project or activity (which usually involves Max whether he's willing to participate or not), while Max has a particular interest of his own which either runs counter to his sister's or distracts her. Generally, Max's dialog within each story is usually limited to just one word or a two-word phrase, which he repeats periodically for the rest of the episode until the end, sometimes saying a different word (or on rare occasions a full sentence[citation needed]). Since he only uses the same word when communicating, what he is trying to say is often misinterpreted. By the end of the story, Max usually ends up helping Ruby in some way, to her benefit and delight, or outsmarts her when she is trying to restrict him. Their parents are never seen or mentioned although there is a family photo hanging in the entry room, however, their grandmother makes regular appearances.


Main characters[edit]

Max – A white bunny who is Ruby's little brother. His typical role in every episode of the TV series is to come up with an idea or desire against Ruby's will. Ruby will try to talk him out of it, but Max would keep asking for what he wants, but Ruby would continue her will, making Max lose hope in getting what he desires and then find a way to outsmart Ruby and her friends. He usually says just one repeated word per episode to express his desire or idea, such as "faster", sometimes a phrase such as "bad egg", or even short sentences. This makes communicating with others difficult as they often misinterpret him. His best friend is Louise's cousin, Morris who acts as if he was Max's sidekick. He often manages to be more clever than his older sister and her friends.[citation needed] But sometimes manages to help Ruby and her friends from his tricks. He often plays with his toys.

Ruby – A white bunny and Max's older sister.[6] Her role in the TV series to try to talk Max out of an idea or desire he has and she would continue her will when Max asks for what he wants, ending with Max completely losing hope in getting his desire, however he would always find a way to outsmart Ruby and her friends. Her appearance is virtually exactly the same as Max, except that she's taller and wears a yellow dress with flower patterns in seasons one and two, then switches to a pink dress in seasons three and four. She behaves in an over-protective and maternal manner to Max, for example persuading him to do something against his will because, according to her, "it's what's best for him". She likes to have tea parties, or regular parties with her dolls or friends as guests. She is often bossy or even rude to Max, often losing patience with him, however, she does love him. She is usually seen with at least one of her friends, often Louise, who is her best friend.[citation needed] It is revealed that Max is given some of her toys when she's outgrown them, and some toys they share, for example in an episode called "Max's Rabbit Racer", Max now owns Ruby's doll Pinocchio. She always refers to the toys by their entire brand names (for example, she will say "your Rescue Ranger Emergency Ambulance", instead of "your ambulance"). She and Louise have a crush on their classmate Roger Piazza who sometimes helps babysit Max in later episodes.[citation needed]

Other characters[edit]

Grandma – Max and Ruby's grandmother. She likes to have fun and has an attic full of clothes and a treasure box that has a memory picture of herself and her husband (who has not made any appearances in the TV series) wearing some fancy clothes to a festival. She has gray fur, wears a blue dress and is frequently involved with her grandchildren. She loves her grandchildren equally but Max is often Grandma's confidant when she plans something special, since she knows Max can keep a secret. Even though Ruby believes that Grandma won't like Max's ideas she is always revealed to like both Max and Ruby's ideas equally, however she usually sides with Max when Max outsmarts Ruby and when Ruby assumes Grandma will love her ideas better than Max's. She once lived with their grandfather who went to an annual festival with her but since he has not appeared nor mentioned it is presumed that he has been deceased for a while. .[citation needed]

Louise – An orange bunny who is Ruby's best friend.[citation needed] She likes to have fun and has a cousin named Morris who is friends with Max, and Morris also manages to be more clever than her. She is also known for liking to attend parties and events like Max's birthday, and beach parties. She has auburn fur and wears a green tartan dress. Physically, she looks similar to Ruby except she's slightly taller. She sometimes isn't sure about Ruby's ideas but decides to help her out anyway and mostly decides to join her in her ideas.

Valerie – A friend of Ruby's, she is brown, wears a red and gold dress, has glasses and is shorter than Ruby and her other friends. She is very talented at playing the recorder and is in Bunny Scouts with Ruby.

Martha – A friend of Ruby's; however she is not seen as often as Louise or Valerie. She goes to, and is usually seen, at Bunny Scouts with Ruby, Louise, and Valerie, but sometimes joins them when playing. She has gold fur and is the only one of Ruby's friends with eyelashes.[citation needed]

The Huffingtons – A family consisting of Mrs. Huffington, Mr. Huffington, and Baby Huffington. Mrs. Huffington is a talented Baton twirler, and she taught Ruby and Louise how to twirl batons and is one of the new Bunny Scout leaders since the episode "Max's Nightlight". Mr. Huffington is shown with various jobs, he has appeared as a clown and a photographer. Ruby is Baby Huffington's babysitter. Contrary to what Ruby believes, Baby Huffington enjoys noise and loves Max's noisy toys like his Green Alien Gorilla and Good Morning Macaw. During one episode Max helps Ruby discover that the secret to getting Baby Huffington to fall asleep is the Huffington's Cuckoo Clock. He seems to like space rockets and Super Bunny.

The Piazzas – A family who owns and operates the Market, consisting of Roger and Mr. Piazza. Roger's mother has never been seen. Roger is "almost seven and a half" years old.[7] He treats Max like a little brother and is into basketball, football, sledding, hockey, and toy racing cars (to Ruby and Louise's dismay). Roger has a cameo in the episode "Max's Rocket Run" where he sleds down the biggest sledding hill, Rocket Run with a large group of bunnies, three days after Christmas which is his first appearance. Louise and Ruby are infatuated with him. In the first two seasons he says only "Uh-huh" and "Uh-uh", but speaks completely in season three, season four, and season five. He often helps his father at his store and helps out with Max and Ruby's projects.

Bunny Scout Leader – The leader of the Bunny Scouts, to which Ruby, Louise, Martha, and Valerie are members. She is seen infrequently, usually testing the girls to earn badges. She is Mrs. Huffington's mother, and is baby Huffington's grandmother.

Morris – Max's best friend and Louise's cousin. He doesn't know how to talk as well as Max. Upon their first meeting, he was unfriendly towards Max, but they quickly became friends and he is Max's sidekick, going along with whatever Max is doing. Like Max he is a big fan of Super Bunny.[citation needed]

Candi – Owner of a candy shop. Ruby has worked in her store and visits her occasionally.

Rosalinda – Owner of a gift shop that sells jewelry and collectibles and a friend of Max and Ruby's grandmother.

Katie – Waitress at the diner.

Super Bunny - Max's favorite Super Hero. Max has a Super Bunny comic book and Super Bunny pajamas, and often listens to Super Bunny radio program. In Ruby's New Shoes, Max wants to meet Super Bunny who is appearing at the local mall, but Ruby wants to find a new pair of shoes. In the end, Max and Super Bunny save Ruby from a falling stack of shoe boxes and Ruby finds a pair of new shoes in one of the boxes that fell. Max also enjoys emulating Super Bunny as Super Max.

Zoom-Zoom - Super Bunny's faithful sidekick. When playing Super Bunny with Max, Morris plays the role of Zoom-Zoom.


International versions[edit]

  • In Bulgarian, the show is called Макс и Руби
  • In Czech, the show is called Max a Ruby.
  • In Finnish, the show is called Max ja Meeri
  • In French, the show is called Max et Ruby
  • In India, The show is broadcast in Hindi (मैक्स और रूबी Maiksa aura Rūbī) and also broadcast in English.
  • In Italian, the show is called Max e Ruby. Max and Ruby were both voiced by the same voice actress.
  • In Korean, the show is Maegseuwa Lubi (맥스와 루비)
  • In Norwegian, the show is called Dorte og Didrik
  • In Poland, the show is called Maks i Ruby.
  • In Russian, the show is Макс и Руби
  • In Swedish, the show is called Max och Ruby
  • In Spanish, the show is called Max y Ruby
  • In the United Kingdom, the show is dubbed with British voice actors, replacing the American English soundtrack.
  • In the Israel the show is called מקס ורובי and Airs on Hop!
  • In Português the show is called "Max e Rosa" in Portugal and "Max e Ruby" in Brazil.

Max and Ruby on stage[edit]

Max & Ruby Live (Our Favorite Things) is a live touring show of the series' two stars.

A musical version of Max and Ruby, entitled Max and Ruby, is produced by Theatreworks USA and tours the United States. The show was written by Carol Hall and Glen Berger.


Max & Ruby is broadcast in the United States on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.. In Canada, the series airs on Nickelodeon Canada and Treehouse TV. The series is also shown in the United Kingdom on Nick Jr. and Nick Jr. 2.


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