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Max von Bock and Polach (5 September 1842 - 4 March 1915) was a Prussian officer and Field Marshal.[1]

Early life[edit]

Max came from the Meissen Uradelsgeschlecht Bock and Polach and was the second son of the Prussian captain Ernst von Bock and Polach (1799-1849). His older brother was the future Lord Mayor of Mülheim an der Ruhr, Karl von Bock and Polach (1840-1902).

Military career[edit]

After visiting the Cadet Corps, Bock and Polach joined in the military in 1860, along with his brother Charles, as a second lieutenant in Infantry Regiment No. 55 a. In 1864 he fought in the German-Danish War of 1866 in the German war . During the Franco-German War, Bock and Polach served as adjutant of the Lieutenant-General Adolf von Glümer, a Member of Staff of the 13th Division and was awarded the Iron Cross II Class.

He was promoted to the rank of captain, and he returned from the war and taught at the War College in Hanover. Shortly afterwards, he was transferred to the Infantry Regiment No. 16 . 1872 he became à la suite of the 6th Westphalian Infantry Regiment "Graf Bülow of Dennewitz" No. 55.

Bock and Polach became a Major General in 1890, then he returned a year later as a member of the Upper Military Study Commission and quartermaster in the Great General Staff. With his promotion to lieutenant general in 1893, he was appointed commander of the 20th Division in Hannover. Bock and Polach was then promoted to general of infantry in 1897, the Commanding General of the Guard Corps.

He led the XIV Army Corps in Karlsruhe between January 27, 1902 to September 10, 1907. In 1907 he became inspector general of the III. Army inspection in Hanover. On September 18, 1908, he was appointed Colonel-General. Together with Alfred von Schlieffen and Colmar von der Goltz, he was appointed Emperor at the New Year celebration on January 1, 1911.

In the fall of 1912, he submitted his resignation, which was granted with effect from September 13, 1912.


Bock and Polach married on April 19, 1873 in House Mehrum Mathilde Baroness von Plettenberg (1850-1924). They had three daughters.


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