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Maxibon is a brand of ice cream sandwich made by Nestlé. It consists of a block of ice cream containing small chocolate chips with one end covered in chocolate, and the other sandwiched between two biscuits.


The Maxibon brand is available in Europe, Australia, Chile and Egypt and can be purchased from 'Maxibon Zone' stands in European cities, such as Barcelona. There are three available variations of Maxibon in Europe including Vanilla, White Chocolate and Original flavour. There are also specials released from time to time, with unique flavors as well.


Maxibon Classic

There are at least five varieties of Maxibon:

  • The Maxibon Classic is made of vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, with a half-biscuit, half-chocolate shell, together with hazelnuts and crumbs of biscuit.
  • A variant of the traditional Maxibon is also available with honeycomb flavoured ice cream in place of vanilla.
  • The new Maxibon 'cookie' is circular, and has ice cream, chocolate chips and caramel sauce sandwiched between two chocolate chip 'cookies'.[1]
  • There is the Caramel Rough Nut version, it is the same shape as the original Maxibon, but with caramel ice cream instead of vanilla, and ripples of caramel sauce through the half of the ice cream that's encased in biscuit
  • There is also a snack version of the original Maxibon, which weighs 56g.[2]


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