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Maxim Biller (born 1960) is a German writer.

Born in Prague to Russian parents, he emigrated with his parents and sister to Germany in 1970, when he was ten years old. After living for a long time in Hamburg and Munich, he now lives in Berlin, frequently writing about issues relating to Jews and Germans.[1]

In 2003 his novel Esra excited attention when its sale was prohibited shortly after its release. Two persons had a provisional order obtained, because they claimed to have seen themselves reflected in characters in the book. A German court obliged their request to take the book from circulation on these grounds.[2][3]

His first works translated into English (by Anthea Bell) are the collection Love Today (2008), some of which appeared in The New Yorker – "The Mahogany Elephant" (July 2007), "The Maserati Years" (September 2007).


  • Wenn ich einmal reich und tot bin : Erzählungen (Someday when I’m rich and dead : Narratives)
  • Deutsche Zustände
  • Die Tempojahre
  • Aufbruch nach Deutschland : sechzehn Foto-Essays
  • Land der Väter und Verräter : Erzählungen
  • Harlem Holocaust
  • Die Tochter
  • Kühltransport : ein Drama
  • Deutschbuch
  • Esra
  • Der perfekte Roman : das Maxim-Biller-Lesebuch



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