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Saint Maximilian of Tebessa
Born 274
Died March 12, 295
Thavaste (Tébessa), Numidia (present day Algeria)
Feast March 12
Patronage conscientious objectors

Saint Maximilian of Tebessa is a Christian saint whose feast day is observed on 12 March. He is a martyr of the Christian Church from the third century AD, born in AD 274. Because his father Fabius Victor was a soldier in the Roman army, Maximilian was obliged to join at the age of 21. Brought before the proconsul of Numidia Cassius Dion, he refused, stating that, as a Christian, he could not serve in the military.[1] This led to his martyrdom by beheading on 12 March, AD 295, at the City of Thavaste (now: Tébessa, Algeria), North Africa.[2] He is noted as an early conscientious objector;[3] the 1970s anti-Vietnam War clergy group Order of Maximilian took their name from him.[4]


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