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Maya & Miguel
Maya and Miguel Logo
Created by Deborah Forte
Starring Candi Milo
Nika Frost
Erik Estrada
Lucy Liu
Carlos Ponce
Elizabeth Peña
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 65 (Episodes)
Running time 22 minutes
Original channel PBS (PBS Kids Go!) Treehouse TV
Original release October 11, 2004 – October 10, 2007
Related shows WordGirl

Maya & Miguel is a children's television animated series produced by Scholastic Studios. It appears on PBS as part of the PBS Kids Go! lineup and on the CBBC channel in the UK. The show ran from October 11, 2004 to October 10, 2007 and had 4 seasons and 65 episodes. On September 10, 2011, it started airing on Univision every Saturday mornings on the block Planeta U. However, as of September 28, 2013, it was removed from the Univision block, Planeta U's Saturday morning lineup for a timeshot replacement for The Jungle Book. The Spanish version is "Maya y Miguel".

Centering around the lives of pre-teen Hispanic twins named Maya and Miguel Santos and their friends, the program is aimed at promoting multiculturalism and education in general. It is geared to the 5-9 age range. Part of the dialogue in each episode in the English version is in Spanish but only individual words or phrases which are explained in English.


The show presents culture and language learning as fun, relevant and rewarding for all children, with a special emphasis on the Latino population. The show chronicles the adventures, and sometimes misadventures, of fraternal twins Maya and Miguel Santos and features their family, friends and a diverse neighborhood. This show centers on Maya's well-intentioned meddling in her family and friends' lives, ultimately creating new quandaries to fix. Their mother is from Mexico, and their father is from Puerto Rico. The underlying message is the importance of doing good for the family and community, and the philosophy that shared happiness is greater than personal gain. The show presents a positive, culturally rich portrayal of Latino family, language and cultures. In some markets, each episode ends with Maya announcing, "Here's what some of our friends are up to," introducing clips of children engaging and interacting in ways consistent with the show's themes. Maya concludes episodes by exhorting viewers to "visit your local library like 'Maya & Miguel'".


The show centers on 10 main characters. Other characters are included, such as family, but the show mainly revolves around these characters:

  • Maya Santos: Maya is sweet, gentle, tomboyish, and energetic girl of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent. She always manages to include her twin brother and friends into her crazy adventures. Whenever Maya comes up with an idea, she always says "¡Éso es!" (That's it!) and her hair baubles light up; as shown in "The Bet" they will continue to glow until she says "¡Éso es!". She can sometimes be very stubborn, ignorant, and naive, and tends to get involved in other people's business. Although most of her ideas don't go the way she plans them, they somehow manage to accomplish their original objective. Maya's heart is always in the right place. The character is depicted Voiced by Candi Milo.
  • Miguel Santos: Maya's older twin Miguel is slightly more practical and sensible than his sister, and enjoys playing soccer and drawing. Every time Maya gets an idea, he gets a bad feeling about it. He knows Maya means well, but he thinks she gets more involved in other people's problems than need be. He keeps track of Maya's ideas that have gone wrong, which annoys Maya. However, he would sometimes admit that an idea of hers is the best idea yet. He is also slightly smarter than his sister. He has a crush on a girl named Kylie, who apparently feels the same way. Voiced by Nikka Frost.
  • Theo McEwen: Miguel's best friend and soccer buddy. He is African-American. Theo loves sports as much as Miguel does. Theo often gets straight A's in his classes. He is the most intelligent of the kids. He is seen using gadgets which he made himself. Theo is often the voice of reason among his friends. Voiced by Jamal Mixon.
  • Maggie Lee: Maya's Chinese-American friend. She is very dramatic, fashionable, and talented. She rarely disagrees with Maya's ideas. Voiced by Lucy Liu.
  • Chrissy Lum: Maya's Dominican-American friend, and describes herself as Afro-Dominican. She is very sensitive and level-headed, though sometimes she can also be gullible. Chrissy sometimes points out the flaws in Maya's plans, similar to Miguel. She also loves animals. Voiced by Beth Payne.
  • Andy Arlington: An English-American boy who was born with only one arm and is Miguel's friend. Often seen in the background with Miguel and Theo, he likes to play soccer, basketball, and baseball. Andy moved to Maya and Miguel's neighborhood from River Hills, Wisconsin; although he misses it at times, he is happy to have such great friends where he lives now. Voiced by Jeannie Elias.
  • Tito Chávez: Maya and Miguel's cousin who moved to the U.S. from Mexico with his parents. He lives in the same apartment complex. He admires his cousin Miguel; in the episode "I've Got to Be 'Mi-Guel'" he is shown pretending to act as if he is Miguel (which makes Miguel rather pleased, but eventually annoyed at one point). He loves to play soccer like the twins. Voiced by Candi Milo.
  • Abuela Elena: Maya and Miguel's grandmother.
  • Paco: A bilingual parrot who is the twins' pet, originally owned by their abuela. Most commonly heard saying "Pretty Bird" and "What about Paco, what about Paco?". He often gets loose, causing much trouble and confusion. Paco also often reacts to figures of speech (mostly ones about birds), thinking they are real. Voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.
  • Rosa Santos: Santigo's wife and Maya and Miguel's mother who was originally from Mexico. Voiced by Elizabeth Peña.
  • Santiago Santos: Rosa's husband and Maya and Miguel's father who was originally from Puerto Rico. Voiced by Carlos Ponce.

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DVD and VHS releases[edit]

There have been only 3 Maya & Miguel DVD and VHS releases. There are no plans for releasing the complete seasons on DVD.

  • Maya & Miguel: Twice the Fun (September 13, 2005)
  • Maya & Miguel: Funny Fix Ups (September 13, 2005)
  • Maya & Miguel: Cinco de Maya (April 18, 2006)


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