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The adjective Mayan is sometimes popularly used to refer to the indigenous peoples of southeastern Mexico and parts of Central America, including their culture, language, and history. In academic publications the use of "Mayan" is restricted to referring to their languages; "Maya" is the adjectival form preferred when referring to non-linguistic aspects. A "Mayanist" is a scholar who specializes in Maya civilization.

Mayan may also refer to:

Places in Iran[edit]

Mayan (Persian: مايان‎) is a Persian toponym, and may refer to:

Other meanings[edit]

  • Maayan - an Israeli poems and art magazine.
  • Maians – a fictional alien race in the video game, Perfect Dark
  • Mamuni Mayan - Dravidian culture hero
  • Mayan stage - a Cambrian Faunal stage that occurred during the end of the Middle Cambrian
  • Mayans, a fictional biker gang in the TV series Sons of Anarchy
  • MaYaN (band), a Dutch symphonic metal band
  • Maya (illusion), concept in Indian religions of illusion accepted as the daily reality of the unenlightened

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