Mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut

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The Mayor is the chief executive who is directly elected for a four-year term. He or she has the power to issue executive orders, declare emergencies, submit a yearly budget to the city council and makes appointments to city government offices.

After becoming incorporated as a city in 1836, the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut has had fifty-three mayors.[according to whom?]

As of July 2012, the Mayor of Bridgeport earns an annual salary of $132,459.[1]

List of mayors[edit]

# Name In office Political party
1 Lemuel Coleman[2] 18??-18?? Unknown political party
? Philo Clark Calhoun[3] 1855–1858 Unknown political party
? P. T. Barnum 1875 Republican
? Robert E. De Forest 1878, 1889, 1890 Democratic
? Clifford B. Wilson 1911–1921 Republican
42 Edward T. Buckingham 1929–1933 Democratic
43 Jasper McLevy 1933–1957 Socialist
44 Samuel J. Tedesco 1957–1965 Democratic
45 Hugh C. Curran 1965–1971 Democratic
46 Nicholas A. Panuzio 1971–1975 Republican
47 John C. Mandanici 1975–1981 Democratic
48 Leonard S. Paoletta 1981–1984 Republican
49 Thomas W. Bucci 1985–1989 Democratic
50 Mary C. Moran 1989–1991 Republican
51 Joseph P. Ganim 1991–2003 Democratic
52 John M. Fabrizi 2003–2007 Democratic
53 Bill Finch 2008-Present Democratic