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Mayor of Pensacola
Seal of Pensacola, Florida.png
Ashton Hayward

since November 2, 2011
Residence Osceola Estate
Term length 4 years
Inaugural holder Jose Noriega
Formation 1820
Website [1]

The Mayor of Pensacola, Florida is the chief executive officer and holder of the city of Pensacola, Florida. The mayor's office is located at the city hall at 222 West Main Street in Downtown, and owns an estate near the Texar Bayou in East Pensacola.

Powers and Duties[edit]

Before 2011 the Mayor of Pensacola wasn't as powerful as the current mayor is today. In 2011 the Pensacola City Council change the powers and duties of the mayor. The powers of the current mayor of Pensacola, Florida is very basic. The Mayor is a very strong mayor. That has power of the city council and of the city.

List of Mayors[edit]

Main Page List of Mayors of Pensacola, Florida

19th century[edit]

Jose Noriega (Spanish) 1820–1821
George Bowie 1821–1822
John de la Rua 1822–1823
Peter Alba 1823–1825
John Jerrison 1825–1828
Benjamin D. Wright 1828–1829
John Jerrison 1829–1830
Peter Alba 1830–1834
Charles Evans 1834–1838
Hanson Kelly 1838–1840
Charles Le Baron 1840–1841
Benjamin D. Wright 1841–1842
Charles Evans 1842–1847
Francis de la Rua 1847–1848
Charles Evans 1848–1852
Joseph Sierra 1852–1855
Francis B. Bobe 1855–1859
C. Gonzalez 1859–1861
C. H. Gingles 1861–1862
Francis B. Bobe 1862–1863
Francis B. Bobe[1] 1863–1866
Samuel Leonard 1866–1867
E. W. Anderson 1867–1868
S. C. Cobb 1868–1870
F. C. Humphrey 1870–1873
Royal Putnam 1873–1874
R. A. Stearns 1874–1875
J. P. Jones 1875–1877
R. A. Stearns 1877–1878
Salvador Pons[2] 1878–1879
William M. Oerting 1879–1881
George H. O'Neal 1881–1882
J. M. Tarble 1882–1883
George H. Welles 1883–1885
S. S. Harvey[3] 1885–1886
A. L. Avery 1886–1887
W. D. Chipley 1887–1888
A. L. Avery 1888–1890
J. M. Hilliard 1890–1893
W. E. Anderson 1893–1895
Pat McHugh[4] 1895
W. E. Anderson 1895–1897
W. H. Northrup 1897–1899
J. M. Hilliard 1899–1901

20th century[edit]

C. M. Jones 1901–1903
T. E. Welles 1903–1905
Charles H. Bliss 1905–1907
C. C. Goodman 1907–1909
Frank Reilly 1909–1913
A. Greenhut 1913–1916
G. Heinrich 1916–1917
Thomas H. Johnson 1917–1918
S. M. Maguire 1918–1919
F. D. Sanders 1919–1921
J. H. Bayliss[5] 1921–1931
H. Clay Armstrong 1931–1936
W. L. Moyer 1936
Max L. Bear 1936–1937
L. C. Hagler 1937–1943
Walter E. Wicke 1943–1947
C. P. Mason 1947–1957
Roy S. Philpot 1957–1961
Charles H. Overman Jr 1961–1963
C. P. Mason 1963–1965
B. I. Greenhut 1965–1967
Reinhardt Holm 1967
Charles Soule 1967–1969
Bryant Liggett 1969–1971
Eugene P. Elebash 1971–1973
Barney B. Burkes 1973–1977
Warren M. Briggs 1977–1978
Vince Whibbs 1978–1991
Jerry L. Maygarden 1991–1994
John R. Fogg 1994–2001

21st century[edit]

John R. Fogg[6] 2001–2009
Michael C. Wiggins 2009–2011
Ashton Hayward III[7] 2011-


  1. ^ City government in exile in Greenville, Alabama.
  2. ^ First black mayor of Pensacola.
  3. ^ At this time Governor E. A. Perry revoked Pensacola's city charter and supported a bill to replace it with a state-appointed commission. The bill failed and the city charter was restored.
  4. ^ In early 1895, a new legislature was promulgated by the state legislature and a new election held for mayor and aldermen.
  5. ^ Changed to a council-manager form of government.
  6. ^ Changed to popular election of the mayor.
  7. ^ Changed to strong-mayor form of government.

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