Mayor of Strawberry Fields

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Gary Dos Santos (center) in July 2009

Ayrton "Gary" Ferreria dos Santos Jr. was a performance artist who for 19 years installed flower designs around and within the "Imagine" mosaic of Central Park in New York City.[1] His work has been documented in The New York Times. Dos Santos' income came from the tips he received from tourists as a result of his work, and the three-minute monologue he delivered to tourists describing his work and the life of John Lennon and his family.[1][2]

Gary was the subject of a documentary film, The Mayor of Strawberry Fields, directed by Torre Catalano and distributed by Nehst Studios.[2]

For almost 20 years, he could be found on most days at the memorial with his girlfriend of 15 years, Lisa Page, and their dog, Mary Jane, and was well known by long-time local residents, as well as famous friends like Roberta Flack and Jose Feliciano.

In September 2013 Gary was diagnosed with leukemia. After spending about nine weeks in the hospital, he died on November 25, 2013.[3]


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