Mayors and Independents

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Mayors and Independents
Starostové a nezávislí
Leader Martin Půta
Founded 2004
Ideology Localism
Colours Green, yellow, blue, and red
Chamber of Deputies
5 / 200
4 / 81
European Parliament
1 / 21
Politics of the Czech Republic
Political parties

The Mayors and Independents (Czech: Starostové a nezávislí), abbreviated to STAN, is a political party in the Czech Republic. The Mayors and Independents focus on localism and promoting powers for municipalities. The party grew out of the Independent Mayors for Region, which allied itself to the liberal conservative SNK European Democrats, but now cooperates with the similarly liberal conservative TOP 09.

In the 2013 election to the Chamber of Deputies, STAN won five seats on the TOP 09 list: Jan Farský, Stanislav Polčák, Věra Kovářová, František Vácha and former party leader Petr Gazdík. In the Czech Senate, STAN has four members members. The party competes separately in local government elections. In the 2010 local elections, the party won 1,243 councillors, making it the sixth-largest party on local councils.[1]


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