Mazen Asfour

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Dr. Mazen Asfour
مازن عصفور
Jordanian art critic
Born (1953-06-22)June 22, 1953
Birthplace Amman, Jordan

Dr. Mazen Asfour, (Arabic: مازن عصفور ‎) a Jordanian art critic who graduated from the University of Bologna, Italy, and he holds a Ph. D in Art criticism and Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics.

Mazen Asfour now is a professor in the History of Arts and Art Aesthetics at University of Jordan


Dr. Azfour spent almost 15 years in Florence and Bologna, studying “museologia”, Art criticism, aesthetics, semiology where Prof. Umberto Eco is taking his cultural role at the University of Bologna. Through the same period he worked as art reporter for the The Jordan Times and Al Ra'i Newspapers, covering Italian art and cultural activities. Then he became a professor in contract at the Faculty of Archeology and Antiquities in Ravenna (University of Bologna) teaching History of Islamic Art and Islamic Archeology for two years.


Called by University of Jordan to participate in the establishing process of the new Faculty of Fine Arts & Design Faculty of as Member of the Higher Founding Committee. His contribution was related to building up the didactic infrastructures, studies plan, methodology, course description, etc., using his personal experience of the Italian art didactic methodology. After that, he became Assistant Professor for teaching the following disciplines: History of Art, Criticism, Aesthetics, Art Theory, Art Terminology, Theory of Colours, Theory of Modern Arts, History of Italian Art (with particular attention to the Renaissance).


At the same time he was appointed as Chief Supervisor of Museum and Art Affairs of the Deanship of Students for all the University activities. During the same period, he had been participating in various international conferences and symposiums in the field of artistic and cultural dialogues between the Western Countries and the Mediterranean Countries (Barcellona, Milan, Cagliari, Ankara, etc..). he had been assigned as Chief Editor of the National Fine Arts Magazine published by the Ministry of Culture until the end of last year. He is also assigned as Chief of the Accreditation Committee for the Assessment of the Faculties of Art of Jordanian Private Universities, established by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Jordan).