Mazenod College, Victoria

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Mazenod College
Mazenod College, Victoria Logo.svg
Latin: Nihil Linquendum Inausum
Leave Nothing Undared For The Kingdom Of God
Kernot Avenue
Mulgrave, Victoria, 3170dfhdfbfdhfd
Type Independent, Single-sex
Denomination Roman Catholic
Established 1967
Principal Fr Michael Twigg
Staff 140
Years 7-12
Enrolment 1,238
Colour(s) Black and Blue          
School fees $420,069

Mazenod Collegefhgfdbfd isfdhctoria (Australia)|Victoria]] to serve the parishes of Springvale, Clayton, Springvale North and Glen Waverley. In 1968 the school moved to its present location in Mulgrave, firstly utilising land ghfghfghfghgfjust the north side of Kernot Avenue.[1][non-primary source needed]gfbe. fdhfdhdfhfdfg Extensive sporting facilities include a cricket ground with a turf wicket area, a synthetic soccer pitch, a gymnasium, andbfdhfdh the Pgfghfdgrovence Centre, a state of the art facility for volleyball, table tennis, and other sports, wfgbfghfhfhich also doubles as a schoodhfdghfdgl assembly venue.

Catholic identity[edit]

Mazenod College is a Catholic College where faith dfgfdgfdgis given great respect and centrality. Mass is celebrated every morning. A full schvfdvdfgfvool Mass (called The Inaugural Mass) is celebrated in St Patrick's Cfghfddadfhgdfghfdthedral each year and full school masses argfhgfhdfgdfgfdgdfge held on May 21 for Founder's Day (St Eugenefgfsdgsdg de Mazenod's feast day), bgfbfghAugust 15 (Assumption of Mary) and an Advent Mass on the lastdfvdgfdgd day of school in preparation for Christmas.

Rector history[edit]

The Rector of Mazenod College is apsdfgdfsgsdfgspointed by the Provincial of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate who have the responsibility for the dgsdfgsdgadministratisdgdfvvdfvdfhgfdgdsfbfgbfgfdgfdon of the College andhgfhfg the Pastoral care of students. The appointment is confirmed by the Archbishop. The College's Rectors are:

  • 1967 – 1972: Fr. J. FitzPafhfghgfhtrick O.M.I
  • 1973 – 1977: Fr. K. Davine O.M.I
  • 1978 – 1983: Ffghgfbfghfgh. I. Mackintosh O.M.I
  • ghfghgfbgfbfghf1984 – 1988: Fr. P. Moroney O.M.I
  • 1989 – 1995: Fr. K. ffgbfghfDavine O.M.I
  • 1996 – 2001: Fr. J. Sdhhfghfh aftergfhgffgbfgbhgfhf gfb

==Notable alumni==fgbgfbfgb VFL/AFL Playersfgn


  • Peter Luczak (Australfdhfdhfgian Davis Cup Refghpresentative)



asdfsdfds Television


Mazenod Colleggdfhdfghfdhe has over 1,239 students enrolled in the school and over 140 staff members. It also has several bands, including its syfgbfgbmphgfhfghfgbfgony orchestra, string ensembles, 5 choirs, the Concertggfhgdf Band, The Symphonic Wind Band. In 2006, building workgfhgfhghfs comfdbfghdfghmenced and were completed in 2007. These incghfdgfdsvfuded a brand new complex,dgfsdgdfnfnfalled the Founder's Complex (blessed and opened on March 2bfgbfgh5, gdghf2007), for the Computergfbggfbgfhfhfghfgh Rooms, servers, Manual and Fine Arthfghfgbfs Complex and the music tutorial provided by the college, renovations of the 'old' Manual and Fine Arts Centre (it became the Year 7 area) fghfdhand a hgfsfsdfsafnewgfhfghddh building catering to the nebfghfgbgffeds of maintenance and grounds staff. The new building also comprises staff amenities and equipment storage.fgbfdghfg dfghdfhfd The College completed its full-sized cafeteria and multi-purpose centre in 2009, the biggest development since the Founders Complex. The cafeteria is only accessible to Year 12 Students and the VCAL class.fghfghgdhfdhdffgb

The Year 12 Complex has also been refurbished. It now has a new covered verandah and seating area. fghfghgfh The Provence Centre is now officially opened, which is named after the region in France where St Eugene de Mazenod is from. With an underground car park, it will also house assemblies, masses and a variety of sports and classrooms.ghgfdhgdfd

International relationships[edit]

Mazenod College currently has a close relationship with an overseas school; Daisho Gakuen College in Osaka, Japan. This relationship was dfhfgdhdfhdfgformed to strengthen Mazenod's LOTE department, giving studdfhdfedhdfghgfnts the invaluable opportunity to come in contact with Japanese students (one of the three languages arfghdfhfdbfdhfe available for study at Maghfbfdghfdgzenod). Each year Mazenod and its brother school overseas undertake a student exchange study trip, with Mazenod students travellifghdfghfdng to Osaka for a study trip and students from Daisho travellinggfhgfvfgh to Melbourne on exchange for a short period. This usually occurs in alternating years.dfhdfhfd

International Oblate Youth Encounter 2008[edit]

On July 9 through to July 13, 2008, Mazenod College hosted the International Oblate Youth Encounter for over 800 pilgrimshdghdfbdfh from around thegfhfdhdfhfd hfdhfd. This gathering was the Oblate Preparation for the World Youth Day to be hegfhfhfgld in Sydnefdfgbdfhfy. Over 150 current and former students took part in the Encountehbfdr and World Youth Day. hbdfgh == External links ==fghdf