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Mazowe Boys High School is a Salvation Army (private sponsored) boarding school located 17 kilometres from the Westgate Mall along Old Mazowe road, Harare, Zimbabwe. From 1999, Mazowe Boys High has been the National Champion in volleyball in Zimbabwe.


The Mazowe campus provides accommodation for boys students that attend the school. Students are housed according to the year they are in. House names were chosen after animals and these are: Elephant, Buffalo, Sable, Antelope, Kudu, Impala, Eland and Roan, though roan is not actually an animal but a colour found on many animals.

The school song lyrics are:

 "Oh students of Mazowe,
Come and join this hymn of praise,
Now raise your voices in joyful songs,
For the blessings of this day,
Let us carry the flame of liberty,
To light the darkened way,
With patience and with dignity,
Let us lead to a better day.
(refrain) x2
Mazowe, Mazowe,
We will hold your banner high
As we live to honour your memory
May your glory never die."

Mazowe High School has been there for over 50 years after starting in 1959. It was founded by The Salvation Army organization and it is privately sponsored by the organization. The high school has produced many students who have gone on to be high ranking government officials, including Amos Midzi, and academics which are too numerous to be mentioned.[citation needed] Mazowe High School has been a leading academic school in Zimbabwe reputed for great academic results at Ordinary Level and Advanced Level and for producing well-rounded gentlemen.[citation needed] The school has also had its own fair share of mishaps as students have revolted against the administration and mischief has led to many expulsions. Some claim that the school has been found wanting when it comes to teaching as well as looking after the student body.[citation needed]However these claims have not been substantially proven and are easily dismissed as they yield no particular result. Mazowe under the current leadership of [[Thompson Katanda ]] as the school principal has continued to produce well rounded individuals and also ha built a reputable name in school circles. The administrator who is the chief of all staff including the principal is Major SNAGA, this man has just taken over the reigns and according to sources from inside, he is doing his job well.


Coordinates: 17°36′58″S 30°55′48″E / 17.616°S 30.930°E / -17.616; 30.930