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Not to be confused with Yuki language (California).
See also: Mbyá Guaraní
Native to  Bolivia
Ethnicity Sirionó people, Yuqui people
Native speakers
500  (2004)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Variously:
srq – Sirionó
yuq – Yuqui (Yúki)
jor – Jorá (Hora)
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Sirionó (also Mbia Chee, Mbya, Siriono) is a Tupian (Tupi–Guarani, Subgroup II) language spoken by about 400 Sirionó people (50 are monolingual) in eastern Bolivia (eastern Beni and northwestern Santa Cruz departments) in the village of Ibiato (Eviato) and along the Río Blanco in farms and ranches.

Sirionó has phonemic contrasts between front, central, and back, close and mid vowels, i.e.

Sirionó vowels
i ĩ ɨ ɨ̃ u ũ
e ẽ ə ə̃ o õ
a ã


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