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McArdle Irish name:MacArdghail
Ireland location Monaghan.jpg|200px.
Ethnicity Irish/Celtic
Place of origin County Monaghan, Ireland[1]
Notable members Kings of Oriel
Ardghail MacBriain MacMathghamhna
(1403–February 1416)
Brian MacArdghail
Ruaidhri MacArdghail
Bishop of Clogher
Cornelius MacArdel
Gaelic poets
James McArdle
Siobhán Nic Ardghail
(18th century)
Connected families McMahon, McPhillips, Mathews
Name origin and meaning "High Valour"

The surname McArdle or MacArdle was the twelfth most numerous in its homeland of County Monaghan in 1970. The surname in Irish is MacArdghail, from ardghal, meaning 'high valour'. The surname is also common in County Armagh and County Louth.

They are a branch of the McMahon's of Oriel, descendants from 'Ardghail Mor MacMahon' (Irish name: Ardghail MacBriain MacMathghamhna), who was chief of the MacMahons and King of Oriel from 1402 to 1416. They were based originally in the barony of Monaghan and a branch became sub-chiefs in County Armagh under the O'Neills of the Fews.[2][3][4]

Similar surnames[edit]

Not to be confused with McCardle (disambiguation).

McArdle could refer to[edit]

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People with the family name McArdle include:

John and Tommy McArdle, writer/director team from CO. Monaghan


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