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McDonald's McChicken
A McDonald's McChicken sandwich
Nutritional value per 1 sandwich, 5.1 oz (143 g)
Energy 360 kcal (1,500 kJ)
40 g (13%)
Sugars 5 g
Dietary fiber 2 g (7%)
16 g (25%)
Saturated 3 g (15%)
14 g
Vitamin A 45 IU
Vitamin C
1 mg
Trace metals
120 mg
2.5 mg
800 mg
Other constituents
Energy from fat 140 kcal (590 kJ)
Cholesterol 35 mg (11%)
Percentages are roughly approximated using US recommendations for adults.

The McChicken is a chicken sandwich sold by the international fast-food chain McDonald's in several countries. The sandwich consists of a toasted wheat bun, a breaded chicken breast meat patty, shredded lettuce, and mayonnaise.


The sandwich, originally introduced in 1980, proved to be a sales disappointment, and was later replaced with the highly successful Chicken McNuggets. Following the success of McNuggets, the McChicken was reintroduced in 1988. McDonald's removed the McChicken from its menus in the United States on September 26, 1996,[1] and it was replaced with the Crispy Chicken Deluxe, which was part of McDonald's ill-fated Deluxe line of sandwiches. However, the McChicken was brought back on March 22, 1998 due to overwhelming letters and petitions.[2] After the McChicken was brought back, the Crispy Chicken Deluxe had its name changed to just "Crispy Chicken Sandwich" and remained on the menu until it was replaced by a Premium Chicken sandwich in the summer of 2005.[3]

Additionally, in the United States, the sandwich is somewhat smaller than it was previously, as it is now on the Dollar Menu, which offers various food products for the price of US$1.00.[4]

The shaped chicken patty in the McChicken sandwich used to be 50% white meat and 50% dark meat.[citation needed] As of late 2007, McDonald's commenced advertising that the McChicken contains only 100% white meat.[citation needed]


In certain regions and at specific McDonald's franchises, the McChicken is adapted to appeal to the local population's tastes.

Variants in the US[edit]

In the south and southwestern parts of the US, the Hot 'n Spicy variant is sold;[5] whereas, in Hawaii, the Ala Moana Shopping Center McDonald's sells the McTeriChicken variant, a McChicken with teriyaki ("teri") sauce. "Teri" is heavily used in Hawaii and has been applied in various McDonald's sandwiches, such as the McTeri Burger.[6] As of March 2013, McDonald's has introduced the Hot 'n Spicy variant of the McChicken nationally as part of its Dollar Menu, which consists of many of the McDonald's items costing just one dollar.

Other variants in some states and currently in test marketing include the Jalapeño Cheddar McChicken, a McChicken with jalapeño peppers sauce and a slice of white cheddar cheese,[7] and the Cheddar Onion McChicken, a McChicken with caramelized onions and a slice of white cheddar cheese, both on a toasted bun.[8][9]

As of November 2013, the McChicken (and also the Hot 'n Spicy) can be ordered as a Buffalo Ranch McChicken, which is a McChicken with Buffalo and Ranch sauce instead of mayonnaise, or a Bacon Buffalo Ranch, which is a Buffalo Ranch McChicken with bacon (the McChicken patty may also be substituted for a Hot 'n Spicy patty if available in the area).

Variants outside the US[edit]

Crispy McChicken chicken sandwich (Philippines)

In most countries outside of the US, such as India,[10] the McChicken comes on a sesame-seed bun and is not spicy. In Canada, Australia (where it originally appeared as a promotional menu item but, due to its popularity, became a full-time menu item), and New Zealand, the McChicken comes on a sesame-seed bun with lettuce and "McChicken Sauce" and is lightly spiced.[citation needed]

In Canada and the United Kingdom, the McChicken name is used for chicken sandwiches similar to but significantly larger than the sandwich that currently carries that name in the United States, while sandwiches closer to the American product are available under other names. In Canada, the latter sandwich is available as the Junior Chicken for C$1.39 (as an offering on its "Value Picks" menu);[11][12] in the UK it is sold as the Mayo Chicken.[13]

McDonald's restaurants in Hong Kong, Singapore[14] and India[15] serve a spicy McSpicy variant, with a larger, crispier patty with increased spiciness and flavor. Previously, the sandwich was for a time known as the "Cajun McChicken"; but, the name was changed to just "McChicken" around 2000, when a milder, softer chicken patty was introduced.[citation needed] The spicy variant is also available as the "Double McSpicy", which consists of two spicy chicken patties.[citation needed]

McDonald's restaurants in Taiwan serve the hot-and-spicy Spicy McChicken variant, which is available on a traditional bread bun or a formed rice bun.[citation needed]

McDonald's restaurants in Spain serve a variant with barbecue sauce rather than mayonnaise.[citation needed]

McDonald's restaurants in Malaysia serve a variant similar to the McSpicy called the 'Spicy Chicken McDeluxe' but with a cornmeal bun. [16]

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