McCormick Subdivision

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McCormick Subdivision
SG 428.2 Monroe Subdivision
AK 423.3 Salak
AK 513.8 Bradley
AK 509.0 Troy
Anderson branch (Abandoned)
AK 502.9 McCormick
AK 497.7 Plum Branch
AK 488.4 Modoc
AK 483.5 Clarks Hill
AK 476.8 Woodlawn
Savannah River
AK 468.1 Martinez
Martin Marietta quarry
AK 465.9 Dan
AK 459.0 Augusta

The McCormick Subdivision is a railroad line owned and operated by CSX Transportation in the U.S. states of Georgia and South Carolina. The line runs from Augusta, Georgia to Salak, South Carolina, for a distance of 62.8 miles (101.1 km).[1]


The route from Augusta to Greenwood was constructed by the Augusta & Knoxville railroad in 1882. In 1886 it became part of the Port Royal and Western Carolina Railway and was later reorganized as the Charleston & Western Carolina Railway in 1896. The C&WC was later absorbed by the Atlantic Coast Line and passed through two more successor railroads, the Seaboard Coast Line and Seaboard System before finally being merged into CSX Transportation in 1986. Originally part of the larger Spartanburg Subdivision, the McCormick Subdivision was created in the early years following the creation of CSX.


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