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McCoy Corporation
Traded as TSXMCB
Industry Oilfield Services & Equipment
Founded 1914, Edmonton, Alberta
Headquarters Edmonton, Alberta
Key people
President and Chief Executive Officer: Jim Rakievich
Vice President Human Resources: Tom Watts
Senior Vice President Drilling & Completions: Jim Nowotny
Products Innovative products and services for the global energy industry
Number of employees
500 - 700

McCoy Corporation[1] is a Canada-based corporation that provides products and services for the global energy industry. The company's operations are based out of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and the U.S. Gulf Coast, and it operates internationally through direct sales and distributors.

Well-known brands manufactured by McCoy include FARR, CLINCHER®, WINCATT®, GRIT FACE®, weTORQ, weCATT, PEERLESS®, and SCONA™. Services include electroplating; hydraulics service, repair, and maintenance; manufacturing; plasma transferred arc welding; and thermal spraying. Established almost a century ago as a blacksmith shop in Edmonton, Alberta, McCoy is building a complete drilling equipment line for oilfield service contractors, drilling contractors, and rig manufacturers around the world. It partners with companies that operate both onshore and offshore, and invests in innovations, developing new products and processes.

As of October 2012, McCoy has five locations. Corporate office is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and branch offices are in Alberta, British Columbia, Louisiana, and Texas.


Early Years[edit]

McCoy was established in 1914 by H.D. (Henry) McCoy. At the time, it was a horseshoe establishment on Jasper Avenue and 104 Street in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. McCoy put a strong emphasis on quality, creating a successful business in one of the most important industries of the time. In 1923, McCoy added Edmonton Auto Spring Works. Spring repair was seen as the service of the future. In 1947, W.E. (William) McCoy, son of H.D., opened McCoy Bros. Spring and Steering Shop on 101 Street in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In 1951, Scona Spring and Steering opened in South Edmonton. All spring manufacturing would move to West Edmonton (148 Street and 112 Avenue) in 1960.


In 1970, McCoy’s head office was moved to West Edmonton, and the main plant tripled in size. McCoy Bros. added axle manufacturing to its list of services. In 1976, T.D. (Terry) McCoy began production of power tong parts. Eager to capitalize on a growing market, McCoy Bros. expanded into California in 1983. Farr Canada was acquired in 1986. It would later become a wholly owned subsidiary. Two years later, McCoy Bros. opened its parts division in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


In 1996, McCoy Bros. acquired controlling interest in R & B Truck & Trailer in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. The following year, it formed a partnership with Prairie Truck Ltd. in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. It also became publicly[2] traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and the McCoy Bros. Truck Toys store opened in Northeast Edmonton (52 Street and 128 Avenue). In 2004, McCoy Bros. acquired Peerless Limited and became the market leader in the manufacture of heavy-duty trailers in Western Canada. McCoy also opened a new service and parts location in Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada.

New Name[edit]

In order to reflect a new corporate structure, McCoy Bros. was renamed to McCoy Corporation in 2005. McCoy purchased Rebel Metal Fabricators Ltd. in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, which manufactured truck- and trailer-mounted vacuum tanks and hydrovacs. To improve efficiency, McCoy also implemented “lean manufacturing” principles into its manufacturing plants. In 2006, McCoy Corporation acquired Inotec Coatings & Hydraulics Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Superior Manufacturing & Hydraulics, Inc., and Precision Die Technologies, L.L.C., in Lafayette, Louisiana, U.S.A., were acquired in 2007, making McCoy the world market leader in power tongs and associated products. In 2010, McCoy Corporation introduced a powerful new branding strategy to distinguish the company as a single, reliable source for superior energy equipment around the world.


McCoy has strategically grown through the acquisition of various companies in order to provide a wider range of services to customers. The legacy companies have been branded as McCoy to unify products and services available to the oilfield. McCoy has two primary segments it reports from: Energy Products and Services and Mobile Solutions. The Energy Products and Services segment includes the Drilling & Completions division and the Coatings & Hydraulics division. Mobile Solutions is the Trailers division.

Drilling & Completions Division[edit]

The Drilling & Completions Division operates out of a manufacturing facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; a hydraulic service centre in Houston, Texas, USA; and a manufacturing facility in Broussard, Louisiana, U.S.A. Products manufactured in Edmonton are tubing, casing, and drill pipe hydraulic power tongs, WINCATT® systems, weTORQ, and weCATT. Products manufactured in Broussard are tubing, casing, and drill pipe hydraulic power tongs, dies and inserts, and rig support equipment.

Coatings & Hydraulics Division[edit]

McCoy’s Coatings & Hydraulics Division operates out of a service facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Services for the oilfield industry are plasma transferred arc welding, thermal spray, hydraulic repair, and maintenance.

Trailers Division[edit]

The Trailers Division operates out of Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. McCoy’s manufacturing facility produces heavy-haul, forestry, and oilfield trailers as well as drilling and well servicing chassis.

Brands, Products and Services[edit]

Drilling & Completions Division[edit]

  • FARR Hydraulic Power Tongs (Tubing Tongs, Casing Tongs, Drill Pipe Tongs)
  • CLINCHER® Hydraulic Power Tongs (Tubing Tongs, Casing Tongs, Drill Pipe Tongs)
  • CLINCHER® Bucking Units
  • CLINCHER® Make/Break Machines
  • CLINCHER® Hydraulic Power Units
  • CLINCHER® Drillmaster
  • CLINCHER® HRT-20 – Hydraulic Rotary Table
  • CLINCHER® TDMB – Top Drive Make/Break Tool
  • CLINCHER® Hydraulic Power Units
  • CLINCHER® HYTOPS-3 – Hydraulic Tong Positioning System
  • WINCATT® Torque/Turn Monitoring System
  • GRIT FACE® Dies and Inserts
  • weTORQ – Iron Roughneck
  • weCATT – Wireless Torque Sub
  • weBUCK – Bucking Unit
  • weRUN – Casing Running Tool
  • weMOVE – Catwalk
  • Hydraulic Service and Repair

Trailers Division[edit]

  • PEERLESS® – Drilling and Well Servicing Chassis, Forestry and Heavy-Haul Trailers
  • SCONA™ – Oilfield, Lowbed, Floats, Extendable and Scissor Neck Trailers

Coatings & Hydraulics Division[edit]

  • Electroplating: Chrome, Phosphate, and Sulfamate Nickel
  • Hydraulic Component Service, Repair, and Maintenance
  • Manufacture Complete
  • Plasma Transferred Arc Welding
  • Thermal Spray Service


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