McCrory Gardens and South Dakota Arboretum

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Coordinates: 44°18′46″N 96°46′12″W / 44.3129°N 96.7699°W / 44.3129; -96.7699

The memorial for George S. Mickelson at McCrory Gardens.

McCrory Gardens and South Dakota Arboretum (74 acres) are botanical gardens and an arboretum located on the South Dakota State University campus, at the intersection of 6th Street and 22nd Avenue, Brookings, South Dakota. They are open daily without charge.

The site contains both floral botanical gardens (20 acres) and an arboretum (45 acres), named in honor of Professor S. A. McCrory, head of SDSU's horticulture department from 1947 until his death in 1964.

Its gardens include 14 theme gardens, a rose garden (more than 30 varieties), an herb garden, and a children's maze (1140 feet of hedges at a height of three to six feet). The Centennial Prairie Garden represents 5 prairie environments, ranging from tall grass and short grass prairies to the montane prairie of the Black Hills. There is also a memorial to the late governor of South Dakota, George S. Mickelson.

The gardens are maintained by student workers as well as volunteers.

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