McKelligon Canyon

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In McKelligon Canyon, looking southeast.
Soldier running up McKelligon Canyon for his daily endurance training PT

McKelligon Canyon is the location of a 1,503-seat amphitheater located in El Paso, Texas, United States, where the play Viva El Paso! is presented. The amphitheater is also used for concerts, graduation ceremonies, and other special events. Adjacent is the 300-seat McKelligon Canyon Pavilion.


McKelligon Canyon lies on the south eastern side of the Franklin Mountains and surrounded by canyon walls. It is a popular destination known for its rock climbing, hiking, running, walking and biking. Visitors have a variety of rock climbing routes to choose from and the symmetric terrain is filled with crevices and cracks. All hiking trails including the Ron Coleman Trail begin at the end of McKelligon Canyon and are open year round. Please note, McKelligon Canyon is part of the Franklin Mountains State Park and therefore is subject to fees and restrictions from the Texas parks and Wildlife Department.[1]


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Coordinates: 31°49′16″N 106°28′05″W / 31.82111°N 106.46806°W / 31.82111; -106.46806