McKenney Avenue

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McKenney Avenue
Bellerose Drive
Maintained by the City of St. Albert
Length 7.0 km (4.3 mi)
Location St. Albert
West end Ray Gibbon Drive
Ray Gibbon Drive, Mission Avenue, Dawson Road, St. Albert Trail, Boudreau Road, Erin Ridge Drive
North end City Limits (Coal Mine Road)
McKenney Avenue is located in Edmonton
McKenney Avenue
McKenney Avenue
Start, end points of McKenney Avenue, Bellerose Drive

McKenney Avenue and Bellerose Drive are arterial roads in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. Like all arteries of St. Albert, it does not run straight, has no street number, and mostly runs through residential.


List of neighbourhoods McKenney Avenue / Bellerose Drive runs through, in order from south to north.

  • Mission Park
  • Lacombe Park
  • Inglewood
  • Erin Ridge
  • Oakmont

Interchanges and intersections[edit]

This is a list of major intersections, starting at the south end of McKenney Avenue.

Direction Intersecting road Current intersection type Coordinates
West-East Ray Gibbon Drive (West Regional Road) At-grade (traffic lights) 53°37′44″N 113°40′21″W / 53.62889°N 113.67250°W / 53.62889; -113.67250 (McKenney x Gibbon)
Hogan Road At-grade 53°37′50″N 113°39′42″W / 53.63056°N 113.66167°W / 53.63056; -113.66167 (McKenney x Hogan)
Laydon Drive At-grade 53°38′17″N 113°38′50″W / 53.63806°N 113.64722°W / 53.63806; -113.64722 (McKenney x Laydon)
Mission Avenue At-grade 53°38′18″N 113°38′39″W / 53.63833°N 113.64417°W / 53.63833; -113.64417 (McKenney x Mission)
Dawson Road At-grade 53°38′28″N 113°38′3″W / 53.64111°N 113.63417°W / 53.64111; -113.63417 (McKenney x Dawson)
Liberton Drive / Muir Drive At-grade (traffic lights) 53°38′34″N 113°37′44″W / 53.64278°N 113.62889°W / 53.64278; -113.62889 (McKenney x Liberton)
St. Albert Trail At-grade (traffic lights) 53°38′35″N 113°37′33″W / 53.64306°N 113.62583°W / 53.64306; -113.62583 (McKenney x Trail)
South-North Inglewood Drive At-grade (traffic lights) 53°38′46″N 113°37′19″W / 53.64611°N 113.62194°W / 53.64611; -113.62194 (Bellerose x Inglewood)
Boudreau Road At-grade (traffic lights) 53°39′1″N 113°37′5″W / 53.65028°N 113.61806°W / 53.65028; -113.61806 (Bellerose x Boudreau)
Edward Way / Oakmont Drive At-grade (traffic lights) 53°39′22″N 113°36′53″W / 53.65611°N 113.61472°W / 53.65611; -113.61472 (Bellerose x Oakmont)
Eldorado Drive At-grade 53°39′35″N 113°37′0″W / 53.65972°N 113.61667°W / 53.65972; -113.61667 (Bellerose x Eldorado)
Erin Ridge Drive / Oak Vista Drive At-grade 53°39′54″N 113°36′35″W / 53.66500°N 113.60972°W / 53.66500; -113.60972 (Bellerose x Erin)
Coal Mine Road At-grade 53°40′8″N 113°36′25″W / 53.66889°N 113.60694°W / 53.66889; -113.60694 (Bellerose x Mine)