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The McKinsey Quarterly
Cover page of McKinsey Quarterly.jpg
Categories Business management
Frequency Quarterly
Publisher McKinsey & Company
First issue 1964
ISSN 00475394

The McKinsey Quarterly is a business magazine for senior executives focused on management and organizational theory. It is written primarily by McKinsey consultants and alumni, with some guest authors.[1] It also publishes research from the McKinsey Global Institute, which was founded in 1990 and conducts original research on economic issues.[2][3] The magazine is published quarterly and has one special issue each year. McKinsey clients are given early access to upcoming issues.[4] McKinsey & Company provides two awards each year for articles that had the greatest impact on management based on the assessment of a panel of judges from the business community.[5] The magazine was founded in 1964.[5] It was initially an internal document at McKinsey & Company shared with consultants and clients, until it was published more broadly in the 1990s.[6] It is also indexed in Business Periodicals Index.[7]


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