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McLane High School (Fresno Unified School District) is a 9-12 public high school in Fresno, California located at the corner of Cedar and Clinton. Enrolling approximately 2,300 students, it features a full academic curriculum as well as football stadium, track, and a breaking pool. Despite old buildings, the middle of campus is lush with trees and there is also a water fountain in the middle of campus.


McLane has a variety of sports including soccer, volleyball, Waterpolo, basketball, tennis, baseball, lacrosse, softball, badminton, wrestling, cross country, swimming, football, and track and field. There is also a full JV/V cheer squad.

Doing sports at McLane also improves the Transcript towards college education. Duncan Polytechnic students can also join the McLane sports programs. A 2.0 GPA and sports physical is required for all athletes.

Awards and achievements[edit]

Wrestling Team: Frank Montes State qualifier(8th) (2006); Alfonso Sanchez (3rd in State 2006)[1]

Water Polo: Justin Hale, Joshua Liggett, Marvin Whitehead named Second team All League 2008

Baseball: Valley Champions (1964,1972,1973 2008) Football: Valley Champions (1972)

Forensic Speech & Debate: Emily Harvey went to Nationals in 2007, Emily Harvey went to State 2006 & 2007


Folklorico Club
  • Hmong Club
  • Chinese Club
  • KPOP Club [Korean Pop]
  • Key Club
  • MathleteClub
  • Drama Club
  • Twilight Club
  • Future Artist Club (FAC)
  • Book Club
  • Anime Club
  • Glee Club
  • Cupcake Club
  • Chess Club
  • Mock Trial
  • Art Club

Small Learning Communities[edit]

In 2007 McLane became the recipient of the QUEIA [2] grant and thus will be expanding Small Learning Communities for the 2008 school year.

Freshmen Academy (Highlander Academy)[edit]

Medical Education and Research Academy (MERA)[edit]

The Medical Education and Research Academy, or MERA, was created with the intent of providing students in grades 9 through 12 a program offering rigorous and challenging curriculum while presenting students with opportunities to explore and research healthcare careers. MERA students receive instruction from committed academy teachers in the subjects of English Language Arts, Science, Physical Education, Health, Mathematics, and a variety of health career related electives. Subject areas taught within the academy are offered to students at varied levels, college preparatory, GATE, Honors, and AP, to ensure a well balanced curriculum that promotes academic excellence, curiosity in the sciences and healthcare profession, and post-secondary readiness. Throughout the year, MERA students also participate in community service projects at local hospitals, healthcare facilities, and public schools. In all, the Medical Education and Research Academy on the campus of McLane High School gives students throughout Fresno County the opportunity to be part of a magnet program that increases a child's understanding of healthcare professions while offering a well-balanced curriculum in a supportive environment.

Turning Points Academy (TPA)[edit]

TPA is a collaboration between California State University at Fresno and McLane High School.[3] The program takes 150 juniors from McLane High School and puts them entirely on the campus of CSU Fresno for the spring semester. There, they take their core classes from their McLane teachers, as well two Fresno State classes.

The program was founded in 1994 as a collaborative effort between McLane Principal Frank Silvestro and a professor from the Kremen School of Education, Jody Daughtry. Dr. Daughtry wanted to bring real high school students to the Fresno State campus so that professors and future teachers could learn from them. Mr. Silvestro wanted McLane students to experience college life with the hopes that more would enroll in college after completing high school.

Art Venture[edit]

Digital Learning Academy[edit]

McLane Business Academy[edit]

In collaboration with West America Bank,[4] McLane has the only on-campus bank on a high school campus west of the Mississippi.[5]

      • It is no longer West America Bank. West America Bank is gone.

Notable Students & Alumni[edit]

Special Programs and Activities[edit]

AVID is a program at McLane that helps students be organized, provides help and also teaches them to be prepared for college. AVID is a community support system with tutoring, career planning and mentoring.[6]

Army JROTC[edit]

The United States Army Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) came into being with the passage of the National Defense Act of 1916. Under the provisions of the Act, high schools were authorized the loan of federal military equipment and the assignment of active duty military personnel as instructors. In 1964, the Vitalization Act opened JROTC up to the other services and replaced most of the active duty instructors with retirees who worked for and were cost shared by the schools.

McLane High School Army JROTC started in 1994. Today, led by Senior Army Instructor Sergeant Major Lee Benton (Retired) and Army Instructor Sergeant First Class Curtis Curry (Retired).

McLane Administration[edit]

  • Principal: Scott A. Lamm
  • Vice Principal:
  • Head Counselor: Amanda Peterson
  • Vice Principal (9th Grade): Pete Reyes (sub)
  • Vice Principal: Della Caver


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