McLaren–Greater Lansing Hospital

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McLaren–Greater Lansing Hospital
McLaren Health Care Corporation
Location Lansing, Michigan, Michigan, United States
Coordinates 42°42′14″N 84°33′20″W / 42.70381°N 84.55563°W / 42.70381; -84.55563Coordinates: 42°42′14″N 84°33′20″W / 42.70381°N 84.55563°W / 42.70381; -84.55563
Hospital type Teaching
Affiliated university MSU College of Human Medicine, MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine
Beds 389[1]
Founded 1913
Lists Hospitals in Michigan

McLaren–Greater Lansing Hospital (MGLH) (formerly Ingham Regional Medical Center) (IRMC) is a hospital in Lansing, Michigan.[2] MGLH is a subsidiary of the McLaren Health Care Corporation, which is an integrated managed care health care organization operating in Michigan. Both the College of Human Medicine and the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University are affiliated with MGLH. In January 2012 Ingham Regional Medical Center was renamed McLaren–Greater Lansing Hospital.[1]

McLaren–Greater Lansing (then Ingham Regional Medical Center) participated in a pilot study of a bundled payment scheme between 1987 and 1989 which involved an orthopedic surgeon and a health maintenance organization (HMO).[3] The surgeon and IRMC received a predetermined fee for any arthroscopic surgery performed, but they also provided a two-year warranty in that they promised to cover any post-surgery expenses instead of the HMO.[3] The pilot study, in which "all parties benefitted financially," is cited as an example of a successful outcome with bundled payments.[4]

On July 28, 2011, Becker's Hospital Review listed Ingham Regional Medical Center's orthopedic hospital (now McLaren–Orthopedic Hospital) under 60 Hospitals With Great Orthopedic Programs.[5]

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