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McOrmond Drive is a road serving the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It begins as a grid road at 8th Street East and runs north, before turning into a minor arterial road at a signalized intersection at Highway 5 (College Drive). The road was originally a collector road prior to growth in the city's northeast sector. as Erindale and Arbor Creek finished completion and with the growth of both the Willowgrove neighborhood and the University Heights Suburban Centre, McOrmond expanded into a four lane arterial roadway in 2003. It will be further expanded with future growth in the northeast sector in years to come. In July 2008, the city released a concept plan for the Evergreen neighborhood, which sees McOrmond go through the Agriculture Canada research farms and meet up with Fedoruk Drive before curving east.[1]

In 2013, city council approved plans to extend McOrmond Road to the north and west of Evergreen, where it will be developed as a parkway and connect with a planned (and, as of 2014, officially unnamed) northern river crossing, at which point it will continue on as the existing industrial/commercial arterial Marquis Drive.

Until 2010 the portion of McOrmond Road south of College Drive fell outside the city limits, but this land was annexed in 2010. Current plans show McOrmond Drive continuing south from College Drive, forming the eastern boundary of the newly approved neighbourhood Brighton, intersecting with 8th Street East; its existing (2014) intersection is to be moved approximately a kilometre to the east. Long term planning for the Holmwood SDA show McOrmond extended south of 8th Street to intersect with an eastern extension of Taylor Street.

Intersections from south to north[edit]

km from southern end Intersecting Roads
0 8th Street East (start as of 2014, but southern extension planned)
~1 Highway 5 (College Drive)
2 Kerr Road/Stensrud Road (east leg)
3 Cowley Road/Attridge Drive/Willowgrove Boulevard
4 Addison Road/Nelson Road
5 Stensrud Road (west leg)
6 Agriculture Canada/Kernan Research Farms
7 Evergreen Boulevard (end as of 2014, but further northern expansion to South Saskatchewan River announced)


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