The McRackins

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The McRackins
Origin Canada
Genres Pop Punk
Power Pop
Years active 1994–present
Associated acts Gob
White Trash Debutantes
The Bomb Bassets
The Prozacs
The Cheeks
Los Di Maggios
Members Bil Mcrackin
Fil Mcrackin
Spot Mcrackin
Past members Tom Thacker
Theo Goutzinakis

The McRackins are a Canadian pop punk band that was formed in 1994. Their song and album titles revolve around egg puns (i.e. "Bat Out of Shell") They have had approximately 70 releases from over 30 different record labels.

The McRackins nearly always play live in full costume and made up to look like two eggs and a dog. The band claims that they were transformed from men to two eggs and a dog and given super pop-punk powers as the result of a freak nuclear accident. The band consists of twin eggs Bil (guitar, vocals), Fil (bass) and dog Spot (drums). Their original drummer Tommy (The Chicken) Thacker played on a few of the earlier releases and is now a member of famous Canadian band Gob and is also the touring guitarist for Sum 41. Theo Goutinakis from Gob also played bass on the bands 1999 release "Comic Books And Bubblegum".

With sporadic touring throughout their native Canada and the US up until that point, 1996 saw the band take their live show to Europe. Dubbed the European Eggvasion, the McRackins toured seven countries as well as recording some live electric and acoustic sessions for the BBC. The band has made several music videos, which have received light to medium rotation on music channels in Canada, the US, and Europe. Further media exposure includes an appearance in a Molson Canadian beer television commercial, a cameo role in an independently produced motion picture titled Downhill Willy, and various television and radio features.

The band came out of hiatus to finish their album Bat Out of Shell. Their twelfth full-length album was released worldwide in 2006 by Wynona Records, Italy and contained twelve new tracks. A full European tour followed in Jan/Feb 2007 in support, visiting over 30 cities in 12 countries over a 6 week span.

In early 2007, they released MCRACKINS VS JOKERS with Italy's JOKERS on San Martin Records, Italy. The band is currently completing their latest CD "Eggzit" which was released in North America and Europe by New York based label "Cheapskate Records" in summer of 2008. The CD was also released in Japan (with 5 bonus tracks) by new label "Suggoi Records" in December 2008 with their first ever tour of Japan in the spring of 2009.

In November 2009 Finland based punk label "Killer Records" released a new MCRACKINS live cd "Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell" which features a 1995 CITR radio session hosted by Nardwuar The Human Serviette. The band has also finished recording their 14th studio album "It Ain't Over Easy" which would be released in early 2010 and will support it with a 3-week European tour in April.[dated info]



  • Eggs in Space Cassette Only (1994)Ridge Records-Canada
  • Live at the Lux Cassette Only (1994)Ridge Records-Canada
  • What Came First?cd (1995)Shredder Records-USA
  • S.T.U.P.I.D. cd/lp (1995)Lance Rock Records-Canada & Rock n Roll Inc-Spain
  • Planet of the Eggs cd (1995)Stiff Pole Records-USA
  • In on the Yolk cd/lp (1996)Shredder Records-USA
  • Back to the Crack cd/lp (1996)One Louder Records-UK
  • Oddities and Eggcentricities, Vol.1 cd (1997)Stiff Pole Records-USA
  • I Am the Eggman cd/lp (1997)Shredder Records-USA
  • Live in Madrid cd/lp (1997)One Louder Records-UK
  • Comic Books and Bubble Gum cd/lp (1999)Coldfront Recs-USA & Screaming Apple Recs-Germany
  • Too Tough to Die lp (2000)Coldront/Clearview Records-USA
  • Bat Out of Shell cd (2006)Wynona Records-Italy
  • Eggzit cd (2008)Cheapskate Records-USA
  • Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell cd (2009)Killer Records-Finland
  • It Ain't Over Easy cd (2010)Wolverine Records-Germany
  • TBA cd (2012-13) TBA - Japan


  • The McRackins/White Trash Debutantes split 12" (1994)Helter Skelter Records-Italy
  • Short and Sweet(1996)Shredder Records-USA
  • Best Friend (1997)Shredder Records-USA
  • The McRackins/The Manges split cd (2000)Amp Records-Canada
  • The McRackins/Jokers split cd (2007)-San Martin Records-Italy
  • The McRackins/Los DiMaggios split cd (2009)-Dirty Witch Records-France


  • "Get Crackin'!"(1994)Wallabies Records-Japan
  • "Life, Hey Mikey" (1995)Shredder Records-USA
  • "The McRackins/Fighting Cause" split (1995)Last Resort Records-USA
  • "The McRackins/The Cheeks" split (1995)Screaming Apple Records-Germany
  • "It's Raining (1996)One Louder Records-UK
  • "The McRackins/The Bomb Bassets" split (1996)G.I Productions Records-USA
  • "The McRackins/Pest" split (1996)Marigold Records-USA
  • "Best Friend (1997)Shredder Records-USA
  • "I'll Stick to Beer" (1997)No Frills Records-USA
  • "The McRackins/Lipmonger" split (1997)Negative Progression Records-USA
  • "The McRackins/MxPx" split (1997)Labyrinth Records-USA
  • "The McRackins/Gob" split (1997)Landspeed Records-Canada
  • "We Like to Make Records" (1999)Cheetahs Records-USA
  • "The Mcrackins/Prozacs" split 7"(2009)Cheapskate Records-USA
  • "The Mcrackins/Los DiMaggios" split 7"(2009)Cheapskate Records-USA