Me Mom and Morgentaler

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Me Mom and Morgentaler
Origin Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Genres Third wave ska
Years active 1990 (1990)–1996 (1996)
Past members Gus Coriandoli, Kim Bingham, John Jordan, Adam Berger, Kasia Hering, Sid Zanforlin, Matt Lipscombe, Noah Green, John Britton

Me Mom and Morgentaler were a Canadian third wave ska band formed in 1990 in Montreal.[1]

They were one of the most popular and influential alternative rock bands on the live music scene in Canada of their era, although they only released one studio album, 1993's Shiva Space Machine.[1] The band members included Gus "Van Go" Coriandoli, Kim Bingham, John Jordan, Adam "Baltimore Bix" Berger, Kasia Hering, Sid Zanforlin, Matt Lipscombe, Noah Green and John "JB" Britton. They gained renowned for their elaborate live performances, spectacles of vaudevillian-styled performance art with decidedly leftist leanings.[1]

The name "Morgentaler" refers to Canadian Dr. Henry Morgentaler, a doctor and pro-choice activist. According to their saxophone player, John Jordan, the band chose their name before performing at a talent show at Marianopolis College in Montreal in order to offend the nuns who worked there.

The band broke up in 1996.[1]

Noah Green went on to join NYC-based hip-hop/nrrrd-core band, 2 Skinnee J's, renaming himself J Guevara.


The band played a one-off reunion show at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 1999,[2] and later reunited in late 2007 for a series of four Montreal shows in support of the re-release of Shiva Space Machine.[1] The new CD offers remixed versions of all of the band's classics along with a different song order. Unreleased live tracks complete the package.



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