Nanmadaw Me Nu

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Nanmadaw Me Nu
နန်းမတော် မယ်နု
Consort of Bagyidaw
Reign 5 June 1819 – 15 April 1837
Spouse Bagyidaw
Issue Prince of Palaing
Princess Supayagale
Full name
Sri Pawara Tilaka Suriya Maha Rajendra Ratna Devi[1]
House Konbaung
Father Prince Thiha Kyawswa of Shwedaung
Born (1783-06-18)18 June 1783
Died 12 May 1840(1840-05-12) (aged 56)
Religion Theravada Buddhism

Nanmadaw Me Nu (Burmese: နန်းမတော် မယ်နု, pronounced: [náɴmədɔ̀ mɛ̀ nṵ]; 18 June 1783 – 12 May 1840) was the chief queen of King Bagyidaw of Konbaung dynasty of Burma from 1819 to 1837. Married to Bagyidaw (then, Prince of Sagaing) in 1801, Me Nu became queen when Bagyidaw ascended the throne on 5 June 1819, with the title Namadaw Mibaya Khaunggyi (literally, Queen of the Main Palace).[1]

Me Nu was part of the war party along with Gen. Maha Bandula and her brother Maung O, the Lord of Salin, in Bagyidaw's court that advocated war with the British.[2] After the disastrous First Anglo-Burmese War (1824–1826) that left the country crippled, Bagyidaw became increasingly reclusive. Me Nu and her brother became de facto rulers of the country, and they were much feared for their tyrannical rule. In February 1837, Crown Prince Tharrawaddy, brother of Bagyidaw, raised a rebellion against Bagyidaw, successfully forcing Bagyidaw to abdicate in April. Tharrawaddy put his brother under house arrest but executed Me Nu and her brother.[1]

Queen Me Nu had a son and a daughter with Bagyidaw. The son, Prince of Palaing, died young at 10 in April 1804. The daughter Princess Supayagale was a queen (Queen Hsinbyumashin) of King Mindon and mother of Burma's last queen Supayalat.

The Queen's Brick Monastery


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