Me and My Shadows

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For the 1998 book, see Me and My Shadows: A Family Memoir.
Me and My Shadows
Studio album by Cliff Richard and The Shadows
Released October 1960
Recorded September 1959 And March 1960
Genre Rock and roll
Label Columbia
1960 LP - SX1261 (mono)
1960 LP - SCX 3330 (stereo)
1992 CD - 0777780417 26
- 2 on 1 with "Cliff Sings"
1998 CD - 495 4440 (mono / stereo)
2001 CD - 5347002 (Stereo)
- 2 on 1 with "Listen to Cliff"
Cliff Richard and The Shadows chronology
Cliff Sings
Me and My Shadows
Listen to Cliff!

Me and My Shadows is the third album by singer Cliff Richard. Recorded with The Shadows, it was released in October 1960 and reached No. 2 in the UK album chart.

No singles were to be officially released in the UK from the album. A pairing of album tracks "Gee Whiz It's You" and "I Cannot Find a True Love" was pressed as an export single intended for continental Europe but high demand in the UK meant it charted in March 1961 and eventually reached #4 in the UK singles chart. Although very popular for an import, this single broke what would have been a run of 15 consecutive top 3 singles in the UK, although it helped give Richard a record 16 back to back top 5 hits.

This album is the 2nd of only 5 albums [Cliff, Me & my Shadows, 21 Today, Finders Keepers, Established 1958] recorded by Richard with exclusive backing by the Shadows during the 1960s. All the others the backing duties are shared between The Shadows and the Norrie Paramor Orchestra.

This album was then re-marketed on the EP format into 3 EPs: Me and my Shadows no.1 (mono) Me and my Shadows no.2 (mono) Me and my Shadows no.3 (mono).

Track listing[edit]

Side one
  1. "I'm Gonna Get You" (Jet Harris,Hank Marvin,Ian Samwell)
  2. "You and I" (Bruce Welch,Hank Marvin)
  3. "I Cannot Find a True Love" (Ian Samwell)
  4. "Evergreen Tree" (Schroeder,Gold)
  5. "She's Gone" (Hank Marvin,Jet Harris)
  6. "Left Out Again" (Pete Chester)
  7. "You're Just the One to Do It" (Otis Blackwell)
  8. "Lamp of Love" (Tepper,Bennett)
Side two
  1. "Choppin' 'n' Changin'" * (Ian Samwell)
  2. "We Have It Made" (Sugar,Hall)
  3. "Tell Me" (Pete Chester,Bruce Welch)
  4. "Gee Whiz It's You" (Pete Chester,Hank Marvin)
  5. "I Love You So" (Ian Samwell,Jet Harris,Cliff Richard)
  6. "I'm Willing to Learn" (Wise,Wiseman)
  7. "I Don't Know" (Ian Samwell)
  8. "Working After School" (Abrams,Medley)
  • 9 September 1959

Some tracks have different mono and stereo versions.

Release formats[edit]

  • Vinyl LP mono & stereo.
  • Reel to Reel Tape.(?) mono.
  • Cassette.(stereo)
  • CD mono
  • CD mono/stereo


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