Meager Creek

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Meager Creek
Meager Creek flowing next to a hot spring pool.
Mouth Lillooet River
Basin countries Canada

Meager Creek is a creek in the southern Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in British Columbia, Canada. It flows northeast into the Lillooet River.[1]

It is noted for a large set of surface hot springs, known as the Meager Creek Hot Springs, related to volcanism of the Mount Meager massif on its north side. Public access reopened in the summer of 2008 several years after vandalism of the site and flooding damage to the access road and bridge had seen the site closed. On September 19, 2009, the Capricorn Creek Bridge was once again destroyed by a debris slide.[2] The springs are once again closed to public access. The site (when open) is serviced by Creekside Resources and there is a fee to use the pools.

Avalanche hazards relating to the combined volcanic and glacial character of the surrounding geography are real and ongoing. The valley of Meager Creek is one of the most active and hazardous in the Canadian Cordillera.[3] Debris flows, mainly from the Mount Meager massif, have filled the valley to a depth of 250 m (820 ft).[citation needed]

Meager Creek is approximately 95 km (60 mi) northwest of the village of Pemberton.

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Coordinates: 50°36′50″N 123°23′30″W / 50.61389°N 123.39167°W / 50.61389; -123.39167