Meander River (Tasmania)

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Meander River
The Meander, flowing through the Deloraine Green.
Origin Great Western Tiers
Mouth South Esk River
Length ~112000 metres
Source elevation ~1300 metres[1]
Basin area ~1600 km²[1]

The Meander River is a river in the central north of the state of Tasmania, Australia. Until the founding of Westbury in the early 1820s the river was known as The Western River.[2]

It flows from the Great Western Tiers, past its namesake town, Meander, through the major regional town of Deloraine, then eastward, where it flows into the South Esk River near Hadspen.[1]

The damming of the river in 2007 created the artificial reservoir; Lake Huntsman. The Meander Hydro Dam provides both electricity and water to the region. The Meander Dam is the second dam on the Meander River.


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