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This is a list of the sources of minor planet names. These ascriptions should not be changed without consulting Lutz D. Schmadel's authoritative Dictionary of Minor Planet Names (and its predecessor Paul Herget's The Names of the Minor Planets (1968), marked [H]). Names established from other sources should quote the reference.

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
1 Ceres Ceres, Roman goddess
2 Pallas Pallas, Greek goddess
3 Juno Juno, Roman goddess
4 Vesta Vesta, Roman goddess
5 Astraea Astraea, Greek goddess
6 Hebe Hebe, Greek goddess
7 Iris Iris, Greek goddess
8 Flora Flora, Roman goddess
9 Metis Metis, mythological Greek Titaness
10 Hygiea Hygieia, Greek goddess
11 Parthenope Parthenope, Siren (Greek mythology)
12 Victoria Victoria, Roman goddess
13 Egeria Egeria, Roman goddess
14 Irene Eirene, Greek goddess
15 Eunomia Eunomia, Greek goddess
16 Psyche Psyche, Greek nymph
17 Thetis Thetis, Greek mother of Achilles
18 Melpomene Melpomene, Greek Muse
19 Fortuna Fortuna, Roman goddess
20 Massalia Latin name for Marseilles, France
21 Lutetia Latin name for Paris, France
22 Kalliope Calliope, Greek Muse, and her Linus, the inventor of melody and rhythm ((22) Kalliope I Linus)
23 Thalia Thalia, Greek Muse
24 Themis Themis, mythological Greek Titaness
25 Phocaea Phocaea, ancient city
26 Proserpina Proserpina, Roman goddess
27 Euterpe Euterpe, Greek Muse
28 Bellona Bellona, Roman goddess
29 Amphitrite Amphitrite, Greek goddess
30 Urania Urania, Greek Muse
31 Euphrosyne Euphrosyne, Greek Charis
32 Pomona Pomona, Roman goddess
33 Polyhymnia Polyhymnia, Greek Muse
34 Circe Circe, Greek goddess
35 Leukothea Leukothea, Greek goddess
36 Atalante Atalanta, mythological Greek heroine
37 Fides Fides, Roman goddess
38 Leda Leda, Greek mother of Helen of Troy
39 Laetitia Laetitia, Roman goddess
40 Harmonia Harmonia, Greek goddess
41 Daphne Daphne, Greek nymph
42 Isis Elizabeth Isis Pogson, daughter of the discoverer[1]
43 Ariadne Ariadne, Greek mythological heroine
44 Nysa Nysa, Greek mythological place
45 Eugenia Empress Eugénie of France, mother of Napoleon Eugene, Prince Imperial, after whom Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's character The Little Prince is based ((45) Eugenia I Petit-Prince)
46 Hestia Hestia, Greek goddess
47 Aglaja Aglaea, Greek Charis
48 Doris Doris, Greek Oceanid
49 Pales Pales, Greek goddess
50 Virginia Verginia, Roman legendary heroine, and/or Virginia, USA (?)
51 Nemausa Latin name for Nîmes, France
52 Europa Europa, mythological Greek princess
53 Kalypso Calypso, Greek nymph
54 Alexandra Alexander von Humboldt, explorer
55 Pandora Pandora, Greek mythological woman
56 Melete Melete, Greek Muse
57 Mnemosyne Mnemosyne, mythological Greek Titaness
58 Concordia Concordia, Roman goddess
59 Elpis Elpis, Greek goddess
60 Echo Echo, Greek nymph
61 Danaë Danaë, Greek mother of Perseus
62 Erato Erato, Greek Muse
63 Ausonia Alternative name for Italy
64 Angelina Astronomical station of Franz Xaver von Zach, near Marseilles
65 Cybele Cybele, Greek goddess
66 Maja Maia, Greek Pleiad
67 Asia Asia, Greek mythological Titaness
68 Leto Leto, Greek goddess
69 Hesperia Hesperia, Greek term for Italy[2]
70 Panopaea Panopaea, Greek nymph
71 Niobe Niobe, Greek mythological woman
72 Feronia Feronia, Roman goddess
73 Klytia Clytie, Greek Oceanid
74 Galatea Either Galatea the nymph or Galatea the statue
75 Eurydike Eurydice, Greek wife of Orpheus
76 Freia Freyja, Norse goddess
77 Frigga Frigg, Norse goddess
78 Diana Diana, Roman goddess
79 Eurynome Eurynome, various Greek figures
80 Sappho Sappho, Greek poetess
81 Terpsichore Terpsichore, Greek Muse
82 Alkmene Alcmene, Greek mother of Heracles
83 Beatrix Beatrice Portinari, beloved of Dante
84 Klio Clio, Greek Muse
85 Io Io, Greek nymph
86 Semele Semele, Greek goddess
87 Sylvia Sylvie Petiaux-Hugo Flammarion, first wife of Camille Flammarion, French popularizer of astronomy [H]; however, Pogson himself reports it was named after Rhea Sylvia, the mythical mother of the twins Romulus and Remus ((87) Sylvia I Romulus and (87) Sylvia II Remus)
88 Thisbe Thisbe, legendary Roman heroine
89 Julia Saint Julia of Corsica (?)
90 Antiope Antiope the Greek mythological Amazon or the lover of Zeus
91 Aegina Aegina, Greek nymph
92 Undina Undine, heroine of novel by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué
93 Minerva Minerva, Roman goddess
94 Aurora Aurora, Roman goddess
95 Arethusa Arethusa, Greek Hesperid
96 Aegle Aegle, various Greek figures
97 Klotho Clotho, Greek Fate
98 Ianthe Ianthe, Greek mythological woman
99 Dike Dike, Greek goddess
100 Hekate Hecate, Greek goddess (The name "Hecate" also sounds like Greek hekaton meaning "one hundred.")
101 Helena Helen of Troy, Greek mythological woman
102 Miriam Miriam, Biblical prophetess
103 Hera Hera, Greek goddess
104 Klymene One of various Greek figures named Clymene
105 Artemis Artemis, Greek goddess
106 Dione Dione, mythological Greek Titaness
107 Camilla Feminine form of Camille Flammarion's name. Maybe also Camilla, mythological Volscian queen.
108 Hecuba Hecuba, Trojan wife of Priam
109 Felicitas Felicitas, Roman goddess
110 Lydia Lydia, ancient region of Asia Minor
111 Ate Ate, Greek goddess
112 Iphigenia Iphigenia, mythological Greek princess
113 Amalthea Amalthea, mythological Greek nursemaid
114 Kassandra Cassandra, mythological Trojan prophetess
115 Thyra Thyra, wife of King Gorm of Denmark
116 Sirona Sirona, Celtic goddess
117 Lomia Misspelling of Lamia, lover of Zeus (?)
118 Peitho Peitho, Greek goddess
119 Althaea Althaea, Greek mother of Meleager
120 Lachesis Lachesis, Greek Fate
121 Hermione Hermione, mythological Greek princess
122 Gerda Gerda, Norse goddess
123 Brunhild Brünnehilde, Norse Valkyrie
124 Alkeste Alcestis, mythological Greek woman
125 Liberatrix Possibly Adolphe Thiers, French president during the Franco-Prussian War. Also possibly Joan of Arc.
126 Velleda Veleda, Germanic priestess, leader of Batavian uprising against the Romans
127 Johanna Joan of Arc, French saint (?)
128 Nemesis Nemesis, Greek goddess
129 Antigone Antigone, mythological Greek princess
130 Elektra Electra, mythological Greek princess
131 Vala Vala, mythological Norse prophetess
132 Aethra Aethra, Greek mother of Theseus
133 Cyrene Cyrene, Greek lover of Apollo
134 Sophrosyne Sophrosyne, Plato's concept of moderation
135 Hertha Hertha, Norse goddess
136 Austria Austria, country
137 Meliboea Meliboea, various Greek figures
138 Tolosa Latin for Toulouse, France
139 Juewa Chinese for 'Star of China's Fortune'
140 Siwa Siwa, Slavic goddess
141 Lumen Lumen : Récits de l'infini, book by Camille Flammarion
142 Polana Pula, city now in Croatia
143 Adria Adriatic Sea
144 Vibilia Vibilia, Roman goddess
145 Adeona Adeona, Roman goddess
146 Lucina Lucina, Roman goddess
147 Protogeneia Protogeneia, mythological Greek princess
148 Gallia Gaul, Roman province
149 Medusa Medusa, mythological Greek monster
150 Nuwa Nüwa, Chinese mythological figure
151 Abundantia Abundantia, Roman goddess
152 Atala Atala, eponymous hero of novel by François-René de Chateaubriand
153 Hilda Daughter of Austrian astronomer Theodor von Oppolzer
154 Bertha Berthe Martin-Flammarion, sister of French astronomer Camille Flammarion
155 Scylla Scylla, Greek mythological monster
156 Xanthippe Xanthippe, wife of Socrates
157 Dejanira Deianira, mythological Greek princess
158 Koronis Coronis, various Greek figures
159 Aemilia Via Aemilia, Roman road
160 Una Una, character in Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene
161 Athor Hathor, Egyptian goddess
162 Laurentia A. Laurent, French amateur astronomer
163 Erigone Erigone, various Greek figures
164 Eva Hungarian form of Eve
165 Loreley The Lorelei, character in German folklore
166 Rhodope Rhodope, Greek mythological queen
167 Urda Urd, Norse Norn
168 Sibylla The Sibyls, Greek prophetesses
169 Zelia Feminine form of Zelos, Greek god
170 Maria Maria, sister of Italian astronomer Antonio Abetti, astronomer
171 Ophelia Ophelia, character in Shakespeare's Hamlet
172 Baucis Baucis, Greek mythological woman
173 Ino Ino, mythological Greek woman
174 Phaedra Phaedra, Greek mythological woman
175 Andromache Andromache, Trojan wife of Hector
176 Iduna Ydun, a club that hosted an astronomical conference in Stockholm, Sweden (the club was probably named after Iduna, a Norse goddess)
177 Irma Unknown
178 Belisana Belisana, Celtic goddess
179 Klytaemnestra Clytemnestra, Greek mythological queen
180 Garumna Ancient name for Garonne River, France
181 Eucharis Eucharis, Greek nymph
182 Elsa Perhaps the character in the legend of Lohengrin perpetuated by Richard Wagner's opera
183 Istria Istria, peninsula in Croatia and Slovenia
184 Dejopeja Deiopaea, Roman nymph
185 Eunike Eunike, Greek Nereid
186 Celuta Unknown
187 Lamberta Johann Heinrich Lambert, astronomer
188 Menippe Menippe, Greek daughter of Orion
189 Phthia Phthia, various Greek figures and places
190 Ismene Ismene, Greek daughter of Oedipus
191 Kolga Kólga, Norse daughter of Ægir
192 Nausikaa Nausicaa, mythological Greek princess
193 Ambrosia Ambrosia, Greek food of the gods
194 Prokne Procne, Greek sister of Philomela
195 Eurykleia Eurycleia, Greek nurse of Odysseus
196 Philomela Philomela, mythological Greek woman
197 Arete Arete, Greek mother of Nausicaa
198 Ampella Ampelos, Greek friend of Dionysus (?)
199 Byblis Byblis, Greek mythological woman
200 Dynamene Dynamene, Greek Nereid
201 Penelope Penelope, Greek wife of Odysseus
202 Chryseïs Chryseis, mythological Trojan woman
203 Pompeja Pompeii, ruined Roman town
204 Kallisto Callisto, Greek nymph
205 Martha Martha, woman in the New Testament
206 Hersilia Hersilia, Roman wife of Romulus
207 Hedda Hedwig, wife of German astronomer Friedrich August Theodor Winnecke
208 Lacrimosa Our Lady of Sorrows, a title referring to Mary, the mother of Jesus
209 Dido Dido, mythological Carthaginian queen
210 Isabella Unknown
211 Isolda Isolde, heroine of the legend of Tristan and Iseult
212 Medea Medea, Greek mythological witch
213 Lilaea Lilaea, Greek Naiad
214 Aschera Aschera, Sidonian goddess
215 Oenone Oenone, Greek nymph
216 Kleopatra Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt
217 Eudora Eudora, Greek Hyad
218 Bianca Bianca Bianchi, stage name of the German opera singer Bertha Schwarz
219 Thusnelda Thusnelda, wife of Germanic warrior Arminius
220 Stephania Princess Stéphanie of Belgium
221 Eos Eos, Greek goddess
222 Lucia Lucia, daughter of Austrian explorer Hans Wilczek
223 Rosa Unknown
224 Oceana The Pacific Ocean
225 Henrietta Henrietta, wife of French astronomer Pierre Janssen
226 Weringia Währing, part of Vienna
227 Philosophia Philosophy
228 Agathe Agathe, daughter of Austrian astronomer Theodor von Oppolzer
229 Adelinda Adelinda, wife of Austrian astronomer Edmund Weiss
230 Athamantis Athamantis, Greek daughter of Athamas
231 Vindobona Latin name for Vienna, Austria
232 Russia Russia, country
233 Asterope Sterope, Greek Pleiad
234 Barbara Saint Barbara (?)
235 Carolina Caroline Island, now part of Kiribati
236 Honoria Honoria, Roman goddess (?)
237 Coelestina Coelestine, wife of Austrian astronomer Theodor von Oppolzer
238 Hypatia Hypatia of Alexandria, philosopher
239 Adrastea Adrasteia, Greek goddess
240 Vanadis Vanadis, Norse goddess
241 Germania Latin name for Germany
242 Kriemhild Kriemhild, mythological Germanic princess
243 Ida Ida, Cretan nymph, after whom Mount Ida is named, where the mythical dactyls lived ((243) Ida I Dactyl)
244 Sita Sita, Hindu wife of Rama (?)
245 Vera Unknown
246 Asporina Asporina, goddess worshipped in Asia Minor
247 Eukrate Eukrate, Greek Nereid
248 Lameia Lamia, lover of Zeus
249 Ilse Ilse, legendary German princess
250 Bettina Baroness Bettina von Rothschild
251 Sophia Sophia, wife of German astronomer Hugo von Seeliger
252 Clementina Unknown
253 Mathilde Mathilde, wife of French astronomer Maurice Loewy (?)
254 Augusta Auguste von Littrow, author, and champion of women's rights; wife of Austrian astronomer Carl Ludwig von Littrow
255 Oppavia Opava, now Czech Republic
256 Walpurga Saint Walpurga
257 Silesia Silesia, region of central Europe
258 Tyche Tyche, Greek goddess
259 Aletheia Aletheia, Greek goddess
260 Huberta Saint Hubertus
261 Prymno Prymno, Greek Oceanid
262 Valda Unknown
263 Dresda Dresden, Germany
264 Libussa Libussa, legendary founder of Prague
265 Anna Anny, daughter of Austrian astronomerEdmund Weiss (?)
266 Aline Linda, daughter of Austrian astronomer Edmund Weiss (?)
267 Tirza Tirzah, Biblical figure
268 Adorea Adorea, Roman cake
269 Justitia Justitia or Themis, Greek goddess
270 Anahita Anahita, Persian goddess
271 Penthesilea Penthesilea, mythological Amazon queen
272 Antonia Unknown
273 Atropos Atropos, Greek Fate
274 Philagoria Philagoria, recreation club in Olmütz
275 Sapientia Latin for wisdom
276 Adelheid Unknown
277 Elvira Character in books by Alphonse de Lamartine (?)
278 Paulina Unknown
279 Thule Thule, mythical northern land (usually identified with Scandinavia)
280 Philia Philia, Greek nymph
281 Lucretia Caroline Lucretia Herschel, astronomer
282 Clorinde Heroine of Torquato Tasso's poem Jerusalem Delivered (?)
283 Emma Unknown
284 Amalia Unknown
285 Regina Unknown
286 Iclea Heroine of French astronomer Camille Flammarion's novel Uranie
287 Nephthys Nephthys, Egyptian goddess
288 Glauke Glauke, Greek daughter of Creon
289 Nenetta French slang for a frivolous woman
290 Bruna Brno, now Czech Republic
291 Alice Unknown
292 Ludovica Unknown
293 Brasilia Brazil, country
294 Felicia Unknown
295 Theresia Maria Theresa of Austria (Theresia in German)
296 Phaëtusa Phaethusa, Greek goddess
297 Caecilia Unknown
298 Baptistina Unknown
299 Thora Thor, Norse god
300 Geraldina Unknown
301 Bavaria Bavaria, region of Germany
302 Clarissa Unknown
303 Josephina Discoverer Elia Millosevich simply stated "in homage to a person dear to me"
304 Olga Olga, niece of Prussian astronomer Friedrich Wilhelm Argelander
305 Gordonia James Gordon Bennett Jr, patron
306 Unitas Book by Italian astronomer Pietro Angelo Secchi and also the unity of Italy
307 Nike Nike, Greek goddess, and also Nice, France
308 Polyxo Polyxo, Greek Hyad
309 Fraternitas Latin for fraternity
310 Margarita Unknown
311 Claudia Unknown
312 Pierretta Unknown
313 Chaldaea Chaldea, Babylonian nation
314 Rosalia Unknown
315 Constantia Constancy
316 Goberta Unknown
317 Roxane Roxana, wife of Alexander the Great
318 Magdalena Unknown
319 Leona Unknown
320 Katharina Mother of discoverer Johann Palisa
321 Florentina Florentine, daughter of the discoverer, Austrian astronomer Johann Palisa
322 Phaeo Phaeo, Greek Hyad
323 Brucia Catherine Wolfe Bruce, American patron of astronomy
324 Bamberga Bamberg, Germany
325 Heidelberga Heidelberg, Germany
326 Tamara Tamar of Georgia, medieval queen of Georgia
327 Columbia Christopher Columbus
328 Gudrun Gudrun, Norse wife of Sigurd
329 Svea Sweden
330 Adalberta A910 CB Adalbert Merx, the discoverer's father-in-law (?)
331 Etheridgea Unknown
332 Siri Unknown
333 Badenia 1892 A Baden, region of Germany
334 Chicago 1892 L Chicago, USA
335 Roberta 1892 C Robert von Osten-Sacken, Baltic-German diplomat and entomologist
336 Lacadiera 1892 D La Cadière-d'Azur, village in Var, France
337 Devosa 1892 E Unknown
338 Budrosa 1892 F Unknown
339 Dorothea 1892 G Dorothea Klumpke-Roberts, astronomer
340 Eduarda 1892 H Heinrich Eduard von Lade, German banker and amateur astronomer
341 California 1892 J California, US state
342 Endymion 1892 K Endymion, Greek
343 Ostara 1892 N Ostara, Old High German name for Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, reconstructed by Jacob Grimm in his Deutsche Mythologie [H]
344 Desiderata 1892 M Queen Desideria of Sweden and Norway (Bernhardine Eugenie Désirée Bernadotte, née Clary)
345 Tercidina 1892 O Unknown
346 Hermentaria 1892 P Herment, village in Puy-de-Dôme, France (?)
347 Pariana 1892 Q Unknown
348 May 1892 R Karl May, German author (?)
349 Dembowska 1892 T Ercole Dembowski, Italian astronomer
350 Ornamenta 1892 U Antoinette Horneman from Scheveningen, daughter of a Dutch mariner. She was a very zealous member of the Société astronomique de France
351 Yrsa 1892 V Yrsa, famous queen in Norse mythology * (Schmadel and Herget list it as "unknown")
352 Gisela 1893 B Gisela Wolf, wife of the discoverer, Max Wolf
353 Ruperto-Carola 1893 F Ruprecht Karls University of Heidelberg
354 Eleonora 1893 A Unknown
355 Gabriella 1893 E Gabrielle Flammarion, French astronomer
356 Liguria 1893 G Liguria, region of Italy
357 Ninina 1893 J Unknown
358 Apollonia 1893 K Apollonia, Ancient Greek colony in Illyria (?)
359 Georgia 1893 M King George II of Great Britain
360 Carlova 1893 N Unknown
361 Bononia 1893 P Latin name for Bologna, Italy, and for Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
362 Havnia 1893 R Latin name for Copenhagen, Denmark
363 Padua 1893 S Padua, Italy
364 Isara 1893 T Isère River, France
365 Corduba 1893 V Latin name for Córdoba, Spain (?)
366 Vincentina 1893 W Vincenzo Cerulli, Italian astronomer
367 Amicitia 1893 AA Latin for friendship
368 Haidea 1893 AB Unknown
369 Aëria 1893 AE Air, one of the four classical elements
370 Modestia 1893 AC Modesty
371 Bohemia 1893 AD Bohemia, region of Czech Republic
372 Palma 1893 AH Palma de Mallorca, Spain
373 Melusina 1893 AJ Probably Melusine, mythological French mermaid, associated with the origins of the Lusignan dynasty
374 Burgundia 1893 AK Burgundy, region of France
375 Ursula 1893 AL Unknown
376 Geometria 1893 AM Geometry
377 Campania 1893 AN Campania, region of Italy
378 Holmia 1893 AP Latin name for Stockholm, Sweden
379 Huenna 1894 AQ Latin name for Hven, Swedish island
380 Fiducia 1894 AR Latin for confidence
381 Myrrha 1894 AS Myrrha, Greek mythological princess
382 Dodona 1894 AT Dodona (now Dodoni), Greece
383 Janina 1894 AU Unknown
384 Burdigala 1894 AV Latin name for Bordeaux, France
385 Ilmatar 1894 AX Ilmatar, Finnish goddess
386 Siegena 1894 AY Siegen, Germany
387 Aquitania 1894 AZ Aquitaine, region of France
388 Charybdis 1894 BA Charybdis, mythological Greek monster
389 Industria 1894 BB Latin for diligence
390 Alma 1894 BC River Alma, Crimea, Ukraine
391 Ingeborg 1894 BE Schmadel and Herget list it as "unknown", but it may possibly refer to an Ingeborg from Norse mythology.
392 Wilhelmina 1894 BF Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands
393 Lampetia 1894 BG Lampetia, various Greek figures
394 Arduina 1894 BH Arduenna, Gaulish goddess
395 Delia 1894 BK Alternative name for the Greek goddess Artemis
396 Aeolia 1894 BL Aeolis or Aeolia, an ancient region of Asia Minor; or, the Aeolian Islands, Italy
397 Vienna 1894 BM Vienna, Austria
398 Admete 1894 BN Admete, Greek mythological woman
399 Persephone 1895 BP Persephone, Greek goddess
400 Ducrosa 1895 BU J. Ducros, astronomer
401 Ottilia 1895 BT Ottilia, character in German folklore
402 Chloë 1895 BW Chloe, mythological Greek shepherdess
403 Cyane 1895 BX Cyane, Greek nymph
404 Arsinoë 1895 BY Arsinoe, Greek mother of Orestes
405 Thia 1895 BZ Theia, one of the twelve Titans of Greek mythology
406 Erna 1895 CB Erna, daughter of Austrian astronomer Friedrich Bidschof (?)
407 Arachne 1895 CC Arachne, Greek mythological woman
408 Fama 1895 CD Fama, Roman goddess
409 Aspasia 1895 CE Aspasia, mistress of Pericles
410 Chloris 1896 CH Chloris, Greek goddess
411 Xanthe 1896 CJ Xanthe, one of the Oceanids, daughters of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys
412 Elisabetha 1896 CK Elisabeth Wolf, mother of the discoverer
413 Edburga 1896 CL Unknown
414 Liriope 1896 CN Liriope, Greek mother of Narcissus
415 Palatia 1896 CO The Electorate of the Palatinate, region of Germany
416 Vaticana 1896 CS Vatican Hill, Rome
417 Suevia 1896 CT Suevia, a fraternity of Heidelberg University
418 Alemannia 1896 CV Alemannia, a fraternity of Heidelberg University
419 Aurelia 1896 CW Unknown
420 Bertholda 1896 CY Berthold I, Margrave of Baden
421 Zähringia 1896 CZ The Zähringen family of Baden
422 Berolina 1896 DA Latin name for Berlin
423 Diotima 1896 DB Diotima of Mantinea, Greek teacher of Socrates
424 Gratia 1896 DF The Graces, Roman mythology
425 Cornelia 1896 DC Cornelia Africana, daughter of Scipio Africanus (?)
426 Hippo 1897 DH Hippo Regius, ancient town (now Annaba, Algeria)
427 Galene 1897 DJ Galene, Greek Nereid
428 Monachia 1897 DK Latin name for Munich, Germany
429 Lotis 1897 DL Lotis, Greek nymph
430 Hybris 1897 DM Hubris, Greek goddess
431 Nephele 1897 DN Nephele, Greek nymph
432 Pythia 1897 DO The Pythia, Greek prophetess
433 Eros 1898 DQ Eros, Greek god
434 Hungaria 1898 DR Latin for Hungary
435 Ella 1898 DS Unknown
436 Patricia 1898 DT Unknown
437 Rhodia 1898 DP Rhodia, Greek Oceanid
438 Zeuxo 1898 DU Zeuxo, Greek Oceanid
439 Ohio 1898 EB Ohio, US state and river
440 Theodora 1898 EC Theodora, daughter of Julius F. Stone, benefactor
441 Bathilde 1898 ED Unknown
442 Eichsfeldia 1899 EE Eichsfeld, region of Germany
443 Photographica 1899 EF Photography
444 Gyptis 1899 EL Gyptis, wife of Protis, founder of Marseille, France
445 Edna 1899 EX Edna, wife of Julius F. Stone, benefactor
446 Aeternitas 1899 ER Aeternitas, Roman god
447 Valentine 1899 ES Valentine, daughter of Baron Albert von Rothschild, benefactor
448 Natalie 1899 ET Unknown
449 Hamburga 1899 EU Hamburg, Germany
450 Brigitta 1899 EV Unknown
451 Patientia 1899 EY Latin for patience
452 Hamiltonia 1899 FD Mount Hamilton, California
453 Tea 1900 FA Unknown
454 Mathesis 1900 FC Greek for (the act of) learning, chosen to mark the 300th anniversary of the Mathematische Gesellschaft in Hamburg founded in 1690
455 Bruchsalia 1900 FG Bruchsal, Germany
456 Abnoba 1900 FH Abnoba, Celtic goddess
457 Alleghenia 1900 FJ Allegheny Observatory, USA
458 Hercynia 1900 FK Latin name for a forested region of Germany
459 Signe 1900 FM Signy, Norse sister of Sigmund
460 Scania 1900 FN Scania, region of Sweden
461 Saskia 1900 FP Saskia van Uylenburg, wife of Rembrandt
462 Eriphyla 1900 FQ Eriphyle, mythological Greek woman
463 Lola 1900 FS Character in Cavalleria Rusticana, opera by Mascagni (?)
464 Megaira 1901 FV Megaira, one of the Greek Furies
465 Alekto 1901 FW Alecto, one of the Greek Furies
466 Tisiphone 1901 FX Tisiphone, one of the Greek Furies
467 Laura 1901 FY Character in La Gioconda, opera by Amilcare Ponchielli (?)
468 Lina 1901 FZ Lina, a maidservant of the discoverer
469 Argentina 1901 GE Argentina, country [H]
470 Kilia 1901 GJ Latin for Kiel, Germany
471 Papagena 1901 GN Character in Mozart's opera The Magic Flute
472 Roma 1901 GP Rome, Italy
473 Nolli 1901 GC Nickname of a small child in the discoverer's family
474 Prudentia 1901 GD Prudentia, Roman allegorical figure
475 Ocllo 1901 HN Ocllo, Inca queen, named after the wife of one of the four sons of Pirua Wiracocha, creator god of civilization in Inca mythology
476 Hedwig 1901 GQ Hedwig, wife of astronomer Elis Stromgren
477 Italia 1901 GR Italy, country
478 Tergeste 1901 GU Latin name for Trieste, Italy
479 Caprera 1901 HJ Caprera, island in Sardinia, Italy
480 Hansa 1901 GL The Hanseatic League
481 Emita 1902 HP Unknown
482 Petrina 1902 HT Feminine form of Petrus, Latin for Peter, one of the discoverer's dogs
483 Seppina 1902 HU Sepp, another of the discoverer's dogs
484 Pittsburghia 1902 HX Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
485 Genua 1902 HZ Latin name for Genova, Italy
486 Cremona 1902 JB Cremona, Italy
487 Venetia 1902 JL Latinization for Venezia, Italy
488 Kreusa 1902 JG Creusa, various Greek figures
489 Comacina 1902 JM Comacina, island in Lake Como, Italy
490 Veritas 1902 JP Veritas, Roman goddess
491 Carina 1902 JQ Unknown
492 Gismonda 1902 JR Gismond, Italian folk tale heroine
493 Griseldis 1902 JS Patient Griselda, folk tale heroine
494 Virtus 1902 JV Virtus, Roman god
495 Eulalia 1902 KG The grandmother of the discoverer's wife
496 Gryphia 1902 KH Andreas Gryphius, German poet
497 Iva 1902 KJ Iva Shores, daughter of the discoverer's landlord
498 Tokio 1902 KU Tokyo, Japan
499 Venusia 1902 KX Alternative name for Hven, Swedish island
500 Selinur 1903 LA Character in Friedrich Theodor Vischer's novel Auch Einer


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