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As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified span of numbers that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names. Besides the Minor Planet Circulars (in which the citations are published), a key source is Lutz D. Schmadel's Dictionary of Minor Planet Names. Meanings that do not quote a reference (the "†" links) are tentative.

Minor planets not yet given a name have not been included in this list.

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
110,001–111,000 [edit]
110073 Leeonki 2001 SM113 Lee On-ki, student at Shun Tak Fraternal Association Yung Ya College
110074 Lamchunhei 2001 SP113 Lam Chun Hei, student at Shun Tak Fraternal Association Yung Ya College in Hong Kong
110077 Pujiquanshan 2001 SC114 Sik Sik Yuen, registered as a charitable organization in Hong Kong in 1965. The motto is Pujiquanshan means "Act benevolently and teach benevolence"
110288 Libai 2001 SL262 Li Bai, 8th-century Chinese poet, member of the group of scholars known as the "Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup" in a poem by fellow poet Du Fu (see 110289)
110289 Dufu 2001 SM262 Du Fu, 8th-century Chinese poet, one of the greatest along with Li Bai (see 110288)
110297 Yellowriver 2001 SH266 The Yellow River in China is the sixth-longest river in the world with an estimated length of 5,464 km.
110298 Deceptionisland 2001 ST266 Deception Island, the caldera of an active volcanic island off the Antarctic Peninsula.
110393 Rammstein 2001 TC8 Rammstein, the (East) German hard rock-metal group, named in turn after the city of Ramstein-Miesenbach where the 1988 air show disaster occurred
110742 Tetuokudo 2001 UP1 Tetuo Kudo, staff member of the Goshi Municipal Office and a renowned amateur astronomer
110743 Hirobumi 2001 UQ1 Hirobumi Ito, born in Yamaguchi prefecture, greatly contributed to the modernization of the Japanese political system
111,001–112,000 [edit]
111468 Alba Regia 2001 YD5 Alba Regia, "White Region", the Roman name of the Hungarian town of Székesfehérvár, birthplace of the second discoverer
111558 Barrett 2002 AZ Michael Barrett, American amateur astronomer and eclipse chaser
111561 Giovanniallevi 2002 AH3 Giovanni Allevi (b. 1969) is an Italian piano soloist and composer of contemporary music.
111570 Ágasvár 2002 AG11 Ágasvár, a 635 m peak in the Mátra Mountains, and its Ágasvár hostel, a mountain station of Hungarian amateur astronomers
111594 Ráktanya 2002 AX66 Ráktanya, a famed hostel in the Bakony Mountains in Hungary
111660 Jimgray 2002 AP205 Jim Gray, American computer scientist who received the Turing Award in 1998
111661 Mamiegeorge 2002 BP Mamie George, with her husband Albert George, created the George Foundation in 1945 to promote the future of Fort Bend County, Texas
111696 Helenorman 2002 CU14 Helen Belton Orman, American professor and artist
111818 Deforest 2002 DT Craig DeForest, American solar astronomer
111913 Davidgans 2002 GD David Gans, Jewish chronicler, mathematician, geographer and astronomer
112,001–113,000 [edit]
112233 Kammerer 2002 KC15 Andreas Kammerer, German physicist and amateur astronomer
112328 Klinkerfues 2002 MU4 Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm Klinkerfues, 19th-century German astronomer and meteorologist
112656 Gines 2002 PM86 Gines Lopez (1933–2008), a good friend and collaborator of the discoverer.
112797 Grantjudy 2002 PH165 Grant R. J. and Judy L. Harding, siblings-in-law of the discoverer
112798 Kelindsey 2002 PR165 Lindsey Annemarie and Kelsey Leanne Harding, nieces of the discoverer
112900 Tonyhoffman 2002 QS50 Tony Hoffman, American poet, writer, editor, director of the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York, discoverer of several sungrazing comets and the NEO 2005 JB22
113,001–114,000 [edit]
113202 Kisslászló 2002 RY111 László L. Kiss, Hungarian astronomer, a founding member of the Szeged Asteroid Program and an old friend of the discoverer
113203 Szabó 2002 RC112 Gyula M. Szabó, Hungarian astronomer and a founding member of the Szeged Asteroid Program
113214 Vinkó 2002 RT118 József Vinkó, leader of the Bright Supernova Observing Group at the University of Szeged
113355 Gessler 2002 RW240 Nick Gessler, American co-director of UCLA's Human Complex Systems Program, and prolific meteorite discoverer
113388 Davidmartinez 2002 SS16 David Martinez Delgado (b. 1970) has searched and characterized the Sagittarius tidal stream and studied this satellite’s interaction with our galaxy using theoretical simulations. He also discovered a tidal tail in the Ursa Minor satellite galaxy.
113390 Helvetia 2002 SU19 Latin name for Switzerland, where the asteroid was discovered; Helvetia is also an allegorical figure, symbol for the nation
113394 Niebur 2002 SN21 Susan Niebur, astrophysicist
113415 Rauracia 2002 SN28 Rauracia, a group of Celts who settled in the Jura area of Switzerland around 400 B.C. and the name of the official anthem of the Swiss canton of Jura (this is the first unusual object—a Hilda minor planet—discovered at the Jurassien-Vicques Observatory)
113949 Bahcall 2002 TV313 John Norris Bahcall, 20th-century American astrophysicist
113950 Donbaldwin 2002 TC315 Donald R. Baldwin, co-founder and treasurer of the Astrophysical Research Consortium
113951 Artdavidsen 2002 TM349 Arthur Davidsen, pioneer in the field of ultraviolet spectroscopy
113952 Schramm 2002 TM352 David Norman Schramm, American theoretical astrophysicist
114,001–115,000 [edit]
114022 Bizyaev 2002 UZ51 Dmitry Bizyaev, Russian-American astronomer
114023 Harvanek 2002 UL52 Michael Harvanek, American astronomer
114024 Scotkleinman 2002 UB62 Scot Kleinman, American astronomer
114025 Krzesinski 2002 UC63 Jurek Krzesinski, American astronomer
114026 Emalanushenko 2002 UO64 Elena Malanushenko, Ukrainian-American astronomer
114027 Malanushenko 2002 UL69 Viktor Malanushenko, Ukrainian-American astronomer
114094 Irvpatterson 2002 VX39 W. Irwin Patterson, American biology professor emeritus at Texas Lutheran University
114096 Haroldbier 2002 VA40 Harold D. Bier, chemistry professor emeritus at Texas Lutheran University
114156 Eamonlittle 2002 VH68 Eamon Little, Irish astronomer, friend and colleague of the discoverers
114239 Bermarmi 2002 WN Bernard and Mary, parents of the discoverer, and his brother Michael
114649 Jeanneacker 2003 EN52 Jeanne Christophe, née Acker, the discoverer's mother
114659 Sajnovics 2003 FJ7 János Sajnovics, Hungarian linguist and Jesuit
114703 North Dakota 2003 FA120 North Dakota
114725 Gordonwalker 2003 GW36 Gordon A. H. Walker (born 1936), professor emeritus at the University of British Columbia
114828 Ricoromita 2003 OL20 Enrico Romita, Italian researcher
114829 Chierchia 2003 OC21 Luigi Chierchia, Italian professor of mathematical analysis, and recipient of the 1995 prize of the Institut Henri Poincaré
114987 Tittel 2003 QW68 Pál Tittel, Hungarian astronomer and professor
114990 Szeidl 2003 QV69 Béla Szeidl, Hungarian astronomer, director of the Konkoly Obszervatórium (Konkoly Observatory, 1974–1996) and president of IAU Commission 27 (Variable Stars, 1985–1988)
114991 Balázs 2003 QY69 Lajos G. Balázs, Hungarian astronomer, director of the Konkoly Obszervatórium (Konkoly Observatory, since 1996), co-discoverer of supernova 1969B
115,001–116,000 [edit]
115051 Safaeinili 2003 RC6 Ali Safaeinili, radar scientist and electrical engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
115058 Tassantal 2003 RH8 Antal Tass, Hungarian astronomer, and director of Konkoly Obszervatórium (Konkoly Observatory) in 1916–1936
115059 Nagykároly 2003 RJ8 Károly Nagy, Hungarian astronomer, mathematician, chemist and politician
115254 Fényi 2003 SF158 Gyula Fényi, Hungarian Jesuit and astronomer
115312 Whither 2003 SP215 Whitney and Heather Young, granddaughters of the discoverer
115326 Wehinger 2003 SC221 Peter A. Wehinger, American astronomer, and development officer for the Giant Magellan Telescope
115331 Shrylmiles 2003 SL224 Shryl Miles, American campaigner against light pollution
115449 Robson 2003 TG10 Monty Robson, American founder and current director of the John J. McCarthy Observatory
115477 Brantanica 2003 UK8 Brandon and Brittany Danielson and Monica Rahn, grandchildren of the discoverer
115561 Frankherbert 2003 UF80 Frank Herbert, 20th-century American writer, best remembered for Dune
115801 Punahou 2003 UW236 Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii
115885 Ganz 2003 VL1 Ábrahám Ganz, Swiss-Hungarian technical engineer
115891 Scottmichael 2003 VW2 Scott and Michael Young, grandsons of the discoverer
115950 Kocherpeter 2003 WT33 Peter Kocher, Swiss amateur astronomer
116,001–117,000 [edit]
116166 Andrémaeder 2003 XJ André Maeder, Swiss astronomer, former director of the Observatoire de Genève/Observatorium von Genf (Geneva Observatory)
116446 McDermid 2004 AG Stuart McDermid, senior research scientist in JPL's Science Division
116903 Jeromeapt 2004 GW Jerome Apt is a former director of JPL's Table Mountain Observatory, former NASA astronaut
116939 Jonstewart 2004 GG39 Jon Stewart, American comedian, satirist, actor, author and producer
117,001–118,000 [edit]
117032 Davidlane 2004 JN20 David Lane, Canadian amateur astronomer, supernova hunter, and author of The Earth Centered Universe (a planetarium and telescope-control program)
117086 Lóczy 2004 LZ23 Lajos Lóczy, 19th-20th-century Hungarian geologist, first western geologist to describe the structure, geomorphology and stratigraphy of the mountain chains bordering the Tibetan Plateau
117156 Altschwendt 2004 QV7 Sternwarte Seng, Altschwendt, Austria, discovery site
117240 Zhytomyr 2004 SX19 Zhytomyr, Ukraine, the oblast in which Andrushivka, the discovery site, is found, and the birthplace of Sergej Korolev, Russian rocket engineer
117329 Spencer 2004 XJ6 Henry Spencer, Canadian computer scientist and small-satellite engineer
117350 Saburo 2004 XL62 Saburo Itagaki, the discoverer's father
117381 Lindaweiland 2004 YU Linda Weiland, American zoning administrator of Cochise County, Arizona, and foe of light pollution
117413 Ramonycajal 2005 AE13 Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Spanish physician and Nobel laureate
117430 Achosyx 2005 AQ26 "H"-"O"-"6" in French: the IAU observatory code (H06) of the discovery site, the Rent-A-Scope Observatory (Remote Astronomy Society Observatory), Mayhill, New Mexico
117435 Severochoa 2005 AJ29 Severo Ochoa, Spanish-born American biochemist and winner of the 1959 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine
117439 Rosner 2005 AR36 Arnie and Nancy Rosner, American photographers
117506 Wildberg 2005 CO25 Wildberg, Germany, host city of Observatorium Wildberg
117539 Celletti 2005 DJ1 Alessandra Celletti, Italian astronomer
117568 Yadame 2005 EK30 Yadame Yoshikazu, a farmer in the Kitami region of Hokkaido, founded the Kitami Astronomical Society in 1963
117572 Hutsebaut 2005 EX33 Robert Hutsebaut, Belgian amateur astronomer
117586 Twilatho 2005 EV43 Twila Gore Peck and Thom Peck are an astronomical outreach powerhouse
117711 Degenfeld 2005 GA Berta Degenfeld-Schomburg, Hungarian amateur astronomer who took part in the work of the Kiskartal Observatory
117712 Podmaniczky 2005 GD Baron Géza Podmaniczky, Hungarian landowner and amateur astronomer
117713 Kövesligethy 2005 GG1 Radó Kövesligethy, Hungarian astronomer and geophysicist
117714 Kiskartal 2005 GH1 Kiskartal Observatory was founded by Baron Géza Podmaniczky in 1884
117715 Carlkirby 2005 GK1 Carl Kirby, American amateur astronomer
117736 Sherrod 2005 GQ22 Clay Sherrod, American archaeologist, biomedical researcher, founder and director of the Arkansas Sky Observatories
117781 Jamesfisher 2005 GF115 James Randall Fisher (b. 1942), an author and Professor of English who earned a PhD at the University of Southern California.
117852 Constance 2005 JG151 Constance L. Martin-Trembley (b. 1962) has been a beloved and inspirational science teacher for over a decade. Connie has organized educational trips, run an after school book club and science club, and has a passion for astronomy. She was awarded Teacher of the year for her district in 2007.
117874 Picodelteide 2511 P-L Pico del Teide, active volcano on Tenerife, one of the Spanish Canary Islands.
117993 Zambujal 1064 T-2 Zambujal, Portugal, chalcolithic archaeological site
117997 Irazu 1090 T-2 Irazú, the 3432-m active volcano in Costa Rica.
118,001–119,000 [edit]
118102 Rinjani 2254 T-3 Rinjani, the 3726-m active volcano situated in Indonesia on the island of Lombok.
118172 Vorgebirge 1989 GU6 The Vorgebirge foothills, west of the Rhine, extending from Bonn to Cologne
118173 Barmen 1991 GZ10 Barmen, Germany (now incorporated into Wuppertal), whence the 1934 Synod issued the Barmen Declaration defining Protestant opposition to the National-Socialist ideology
118178 Rinckart 1992 SJ26 Martin Rinckart, 16th-century German author, composer, and theologian, who wrote the ecumenical hymn Nun danket alle Gott ("Now thank we all our God")
118194 Sabinagarroni 1994 SG Sabina Garroni, Italian amateur astronomer
118214 Agnesediboemia 1996 AG1 Agnese di Boemia (1211–1282), princess Anezka of the Premyslid family
118230 Sado 1996 WY2 Sado island, in the Sea of Japan, the place where Noh drama (one of the "World's Intangible Cultural Treasures") was born
118401 LINEAR 1999 RE70 Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR); this object was later reclassified as comet 176P/LINEAR (LINEAR 52)
118945 Rikhill 2000 WS68 Richard E. "Rik" Hill, American amateur astronomer "turned Pro", discoverer of several comets
119,001–120,000 [edit]
119967 Daniellong 2002 TD310 Daniel Long, American astronomer
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